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INITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES | FORMA Pose os FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2005 __|_Fo use by Members officer, and employees, JOSEPH E, BRADLEY i - atoms) 7 ~ 645 SOUTH MAIN STREET WOLFEBORO, NH 03864 _ Bong Aes - Fier |& Member ofthe US. ‘size NH] Offeeror Employing Offs Ble, | House ot Remresenisties Disrct of Empoyeo Report "Termination Dats Tipe ual (May 15) |] Amendment |] Termination PRELIMINARY INFORMATION — ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS Taya ae a bs Far es oT ‘mare tomas nb perigee ves [No fg ‘yes, complet and attach Schedule Fj omplote and stscn Sehudle Vi AND DELIVERED ‘LEGISLATIVE RESOURCE CENTER, 2M MAY TL PMI 46 ca Me ‘A $200 panalty shall be assossod against anyone who Mos: ‘more than 30 days Inte. ‘heat cal a prion nak sion ary a So aise pecs eden me are RT weigh soa owans Somes poee vs © Ho | Mathai rtoninteneareatsconm te ven C) Ne tye, emp anata ene ion Soman ate stmt Ca aie pn er pol er RE Ha Dee ag pr poo baoN DTI in. mavaatctee wortcitmnonmmnnrae Yo gS Yo ()| ME Stem ome [er ampts ond cach Sched zn yen, completa ang tach etude VL ‘eau eon eprint a pra Sorat Tapia ny arto angio oo ae ae = ‘neta mas Tbe bemeng” Yes Ho (I) ™ Siar] Fj crpite and attach Schad W. ye, compat and tach Schedule ‘Be apa api Spender nar apr ae ‘Guid eg mperion p [I Mo 42! Each question inthis part must be answered and the appropriate ys, compte and moc Schaule V. schedule attached for each "Vos" responce. EXCLUSION OF SPOUSE, DEPENDENT, OR TRUST INFORMATION — ANSWER EAGH OF THESE QUESTIONS “Traste~ Deals rogading “Cilad Blind Tras" approved by he Connon Sundar of Ocal Conduct ond crn ther end? ‘Exemptions Have you excused om teapot any obar asst, "unered ea, wansactons or ables spb oF pendent ch Dtsndbe hy mati Bre se for nempton’? CERTIFICATION ~ THIS DOCUMENT MUST BE SIGNED BY THE REPORTING INDIVIDUAL AND DATED Fa ne eee con sponte and cal sanctions (0 je agp 6 5 1 and USC-6 10 meer ves] No Pre eer ttonaelosea, Have yu ected om ts report Ste ofoucha wun beeing You youreporse,ordepenaont Ye* C) NOS Ts Trans Dodeoos Suerel Wares he Ecs Grveriert Acta 0 tamer, Te Sian yb sla ary equine non wen Ti races Des erat Sasa! oy irr tin Cont fe Seen. Any naa knot ae aly, 0 NOM a ye DN = Zee. | Se Tea Shirin meena temreaseeh PS = ~ fat ‘Asset and/or Income Source erty) each att hl or inveatmont or prosution of income with ‘furans van exchcing $1.00 se eof he pertng peo, tra(o}ary oer anet or sourcs of ncome which gored area $2001 “uneared" nce curing the yu. "For otal propery ot, acres. Provide f fae fa muta nce Forse! Ina bling he acount ana provi ve th anf te ‘pring pata Foran acre Bonus tat sn py reson ‘Sok Auta tha nature othe business ands geographic elon Fee adaionaintrmaton, 0 nctacon boat arth reporting tu Yanna tet) is et ca reno sg ny Goponta oth #00 aan In peel Efvings acount: ary frac! terest nor ncome ded om US, ‘Sovermnrtretremant rogane tye wo enooe, you may nat at natal x neo source ‘Setot your spouse (SP) o capone cis (00) rte yt ‘te pion eaten on are ‘mocks Year-End Value of Assot somone shot =. asian Somme TocKe ‘Type of Income ‘BLocKD Amount of Income outs choos pocte Transaction! Bisse or ‘chang (0 ‘enone GAINS. ] Community Bank & Trust Co, - $15001- | DIVIDENDS. {$5,001 - $18,000 ‘Common Stock $60,000 | ‘Community Bank & Trust Co. ‘$60,001 - INTEREST $1,001 - $2,500 Bank Accounts $100,000 ‘SP | Zurcher Kantonal Bank (see ‘$260,001 - DIVIDENDS/INTE | $6,001 - $15,000 schedules attached) $500,000 REST/CAPITAL aa GAINS ‘SP _| Community Bank & Trust Co. - $1,001 - $15,000] INTEREST $1 -$200 Bank Account _ ” The Mermil, Ltd ‘$4,001 - $15,000 ROYALTY $201 - $1,000 Goldman Sachs Trust #-125 '$1,000,001- | DIVIDENDS/INTE | $100,001 - (Gee schedules attached) $5,000.00 | REST/CAPITAL | $1,000,000 SCHEDULE Ill ASSETS AND "UNEARNED" INCOME [ar mane = Gokiman Sachs Trust #143 $250,001- __] DIVIDENDS/NTE | $1,001 - $2,500 (see schedules attached) | $500,000 RESTICAPITAL | GAINS ~ | Land - Colorado $100,001- [None | NONE P $250,000 |