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[UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES FORMA a FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2005 |For use by Members, officers, and empoye ND DELIVERED ate a pave reswcecemen Ful Nae) _ TOUMAY 25 PM 2: 7 7.0, 8048277 The Woedands, 1X 7387 002054801 226 ic aay — rie |» Mimber fous. Sale TK Te Ofer Empcying Ofc fine, |? tet tematecaives See 7% —___/ ers : a — yore wo es re Taian Oa ‘more ta 30 ‘rypet__|@_Annuol Mey 15) Tembaton iat * PRELIMINARY INFORMATION — ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS: Bayer yom apes bea eae oe a OT Taree Sao ST rnb nan wy sane ate peng pos Yer (] No jj] & Gamer pata; ssnmgsin mom banc tedotemerme Yee) No tye, complet nd tach Ife emote ad tach Schedule ‘hyo a, os ae esc yep ‘Setanaea vrai ig lah moO” Yok oC] {iyo compas an tach Sedu i. ‘ps a yer poner OD a SRD mn ceae ve BOO tyes, compete and tach Schad Va __ "yer year rane apo a TOS ty, complet and soc Sched en ar asso pe CASS RT RST mewn ectagpra oho meas Ret tabaci eng a Yee i mo 13) % ene we OMe Fer cone nacre | com nate st |. orhan 0.) curon be rrorten pene? "* we C] mo | Each question in this part must be anawered and the appropriate Irys, compete and tach Schau. schedule attached for each "Yes" response. EXCLUSION OF SPOUSE, DEPENDENT, OR TRUST INFORMATION ~ ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS Truste- __Ovialerepwrng”Goated Bind Ts approved byte Cries on Stanaeae of Of Conduct and ean her “exert {eu need notte dcloea, have you extagen epoca Of sha tat banaling you your spose erapanaartY6® CI NO er Exemptions rave you ecuded rm tis report any citar set, "ursarmed no Wareactons Fables oa puss o pendent cil cmpton? vec) Now CERTIFICATION — THIS DOCUMENT MUST BE SIGNED BY THE REPORTING INDIVIDUAL AND DATED. "Tes Franca Oecoeur Stet is aqared by bean Gavernut At ol OTE ap enerded Tre Sart wl be sale oa cog panon oan wah ‘pie nwa evemoty be Carre onsets tem Cont rt Gree. Ary Msn we Powys wi es © wh nae ‘Sey aso mons opt mayb ajo tol pent a coal acto (So 8U'SC. p48 TeangUSC 8 101 {CERTIFY abe iar hve rade oi om dt sachod sees ‘Sen, corgi ara core bst tn otee ret deny) ‘tarry needing $190 on dof te tparn pats nat) any ter asa or sors of inom wich gored ere ‘00m “neues curing tw year Porro propery o [ovo an eres. Provide al names of any mata ea Po Giraved RA one where you havo th power toast he spect invectonts) proviceiomaton on vac aret ine esau at ‘Steeda the reporting resol and th income came are Secont ForaniR& or rarament pan bat ent st-dretd, name Inston hedge scoot a provide valu i no the Importing prod Foran ative tutes tats wot bly teen 20th for nesta ar production finer wits Sock Ato ha nature fhe baineca ants gographc eaten Fer adatorlImormaton see ntton boat ra rpeng Exclude: You pron elcence(s (ens hares etl ince: fey ty or fan oD Yur ou sac {hate your poune (P) or depraar af) or ent hs, Yoar-End Value of Ascot ‘ther than trmarat | Suampte: Panerie ‘alu, plans spect ‘hermathed used an ‘Amount of income For mtoment pans oF Transaction| inteopioal colon rie ] Best of America (BOA) Am $1,001 NONE, Cent VP Value | $15,000 | Best of America (BOA) Drey $1,001 - TNONE - VIF APP Port $15,000 | Best of America (BOA) $1,001 | NONE Dreyfuss GVIT MidCap Index $15,000 | Best of America (BOA) Fidelity $1,001 - NONE: FVP Equity INCM Port $15,000 Best of America (BOA) _ $1,001 - NONE NEU/BER AMT LMTMATBND $15,000 PT. _ _ | Best of America (BOA) $1,001- NONE | Oppenheimer Global SECS $15,000 FDNVAIC ‘SCHEDULE Ill - ASSETS AND "UNEARNED" INCOME Name Kevin Pai ray Paseo ] Farmers New World Life $1,001 NONE! “| Insurance 315,000 IRA Chase Security of Texas: $15,001 - NONE HPQ (formerly Compag) stock $50,000 SP_| JP Morgan Mutual Funds $1:001- NONE P Sea/Growth Advantage Fund $15,000 JT JP MorganiGhase Bank $1,001 - INTEREST $1-$200 | Personal Checking Account $15,000 JT | JP Morgan/Ghase Bank Super $15,008 - INTEREST $1-$200 Savings Aocount _ 350,000 SP JP Morgan/Chase Manhattan $1,001 DIVIDENDS —_| $1-$200 | Employee Stock $15,000 | SP ‘JP Morgan/Chase Mutual $1,001 - NONE | Funds Growth Advantage $15,000 Funds A ‘SP | JP Morgan/Chase Retirement $50,001 - NONE Pian $100,000 SP | JP Morgan/Ghase Savings $100,001 - NONE, Retirement Plan 401K $250,000 ‘SP _| JP MorganiChase Securities $1,001 NONE Employee Stock Option Plan $15,000 JT | Lexicon Genetics, Inc $1- $1,000 NONE Other: | Common Stock Peseta i JT] Mid Cap Growth Fund A Shares $1-$1,000 NONE Pacific Life VUL $1,001- NONE $15,000 _ L SP_| Pacific Life VUL $1,001- NONE | $15,000