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UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES 2008 FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT Ee Fata) ——— HAND DELIVERED Ch 2) 225- 0723 (DaykEneTlopene) ‘poise have “oamnod near fog, salanoa oF re from any source in the reporting period? TDi any indivigual or organization maka lieu of paying you for a speech, appearance, or artic in the reporting period”? You your spouse, of a dependent chil Teceive “unearned” 6 of More than $200 In the reporting period or nold ary ‘asset worth more the period? implete and attach Schedule Vil, TK Did you have any reportable agreement or arrangement with ‘an outside entity? X]| ifyeecompite anc stan senadt \. Did you, your spouse, or a dependent child Rave ary reporabie ability (more than $10,000) during the roporing period? yes, complete and attach Schedule V. “Od Each question in this part must be answered and the appropriate schedule attached for each “Yes” response. they meet al three tests for exomation? SCHEDULE Ill—ASSETS AND “UNEARNED” INCOME mLOoKA moos Asset andlor Income Source Value of Assot Indleate value of asset at close of For emer pan facet tha 0 roporing year. you use @ valuation Seetii aoe ree method oor than far market vaio, : ua nelucng a as pease specty the method used, {an asset was sold during the reporting yar and is included only because it generated income, the value should be ona Exclude: Your porsonal residence(s) (unioss ‘there Is rental income); any debt owed to you by Yyour spouse, oF by you oF your spouses child, arent, or sibling: ary depests totaling $5,000 oF Toss in personal savings accounts, ary financial Interest" in or income derived trom US. ‘Government rtrament programs. ‘dopendent child ‘optional column on the far ot (Spesty Foc Example, Pannestip core or Farm income) Other Type of income Wess kt fat Cbngresc LM CoE Yee Pf | si00001 $1,000.00 For additional assets and unearned income, use next page. SCHEDULE V— LIABILITIES Foportiabilies of over $10,000 owed to any one creditor at any time during the reporting during the year. Exclude: Any mortgage on your personal residence (uness itis rented out Business in which you own an interest, and abities owed to a spouse, or tho chi, parent by you, your spouse, or dependent child. Mark the highest amount owed ‘cards) only if the balance at the cose of the preceding calendar year exceeded $10,000. secured by automobiles, household furniture, or appliances; abilities of a ing of you or your spouse. Report revolving charge accounts (.e., credit Amount ot abIy z = @ 7 % og Creditor Type of Liability = 28 fee 38 3 aT a8 38 Aa Ee g BB) EB Beale [ it icine, Bare Tess eo ah SDB Abie A Oe of Anacies Beans = tee cies x SCHEDULE Vi— GIFTS Use additional sheets if more space is required.