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HAND DELIVEREB LeSISLAnvE AesCuRCE CENTER UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES roma FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2005 | fo" Member ier an ertoect fon, Corrine Brow —— et ro - THGHAY IS PH 3:23 2444 Rayburn House office Beliding es AES mais — —— un BEF GPERE Der vashington, Dc 20515 coon as-aa29 are coe XE. Sa —— Lee me 1 200 pana sal be seosed = against anyone who files more than Aap (ores ney vera erraton nO SBeys lt, PRELIMINARY INFORMATION — ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS (Osan mode ene ext nce (og, a Woamaewa Sateen, ysreompwind ohne mI Yes[] Nol Eee serge Yes] nol] aaa US es ch ee 1 Bijan lo praia a aten way ‘Oe ey tan, a dependence ry poech oppesranca, orange nite vel] “P| Be ‘eporab titel or emisisanarts vale tose ve] vo] Fee san uenn S| Re tcameoneeamen a" LARTER wal ol] emo] feouratn neat wah more on S004 ee th vid? yes "shed las Fe ae [PARSER ee ao vo] (dee =O » Bl souegyeme |) Each question inthis part must be aneyered and the apie veoDE] noE asc aneruaeensnegers masts onnwere nde EXCLUSION OF SPOUSE, DEPENDENT, OR TRUST INFORMATION — ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS: amleae i Sreckandnen te apettoalcrectcouainnasen aetna wagons maar ere wmcseatt votre Yes[] nol] a | CERTIFICATION — THIS DOCUMENT MUST BE SIGNED BY THE REPORTING INDIVIDUAL AND DATED. al Disclosure Statement fs ruled by th Ethics in Government Ac of 1978, as amended, Tho Slatomert willbe avalable fo any requesting person rapeation and wil be teviowed by tre Comoe on Standards of OMcal Condut or ke signee. Any invdual who Kowa ard willy ingly an wy tal ole tisroport may bo subject to el penis and etminl sancions (See 5 U.S.C. app 4, § 108 ond 18 U.S.C. 51001). ‘nit he sates | have mae on fi form reduce are wuss comple ard : oneal ote bat mykrowedge an boat r= la ay 15, 2006 ‘SCHEDULE Ill — ASSETS AND “UNEARNED” INCOME Name Hon. Corrine Brown eae 2 mom oars nome nox nome Asset anor come Source Vein hoa Amount etincome __fransactn Pompei atateprt ctincome ——Lisatanmuges cerns | ent eke tyrant antes | coats | soe : Bement ed tre is |i Included only because it generated | Me “wander Year Mt | exchangnd somes on oom me ] 1 | § sae ii ee H rare y Soe isl of ie a 3y | {za een you ny ngewe vat n Beng la] Hitec cee E33) Gf a] = | i = a Foraddionel assets and unoarmed income, usenext page. SCHEDULE V—LABILMES juwee Hon. Corzine Brown row 3 ol Report aise of over $10.000 owed to any one eee af any time dung the poring ptod by you, your spouse, or dopendont Gd, Mark highest eroun owed hig tne yar Exclude: Ay mengige on your parsanalresdors (urass ti rnd Uf ane Saco oy automobile, Wasahol fume er opvencee we lati, (naa to spouso, othe chi parent or ing of you or your spouse. Repo revolving charge accounts cy the tlanos a ne Coe ol he pochng cae eat ‘robe $10,000 T Ase sp, ec, Creditor ‘Type of Liability a Euanpk: [Friant Wringion Onaware _Morigga on 123 Wan 8, Dove Dok |__| Weight Patman Congressional, Federal CU Wachovia Bank Wachovia Bank | SCHEDULE VI — GIFTS ‘pert the eure, abel desapton, and te value of al its llaling wore fan $305 eee by You, Jour spouse, om Gapandanl CRI Fom any source Guha We Fs Exclude: Gis tom oahes gis tpn! hepa of an incl cs meal, and gts oa spouse or eperden chi tha re aly independ this or her alaonshp ‘o you, Gts wt a vas of $122 o eas nee net bo ate evar te 898 acon esol. Note: Te ot ue (House Rule 25, clase 5) pbs acceptance ol gts excont as pectic xvid nb rd, - Source = Description —— Bane [Wag HS ape A Sis lar antenatal resi cane ton Oxas aw Sa) 3 Use additional hosts i more apace la requareal