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FORMA For use by Members, officers, and employees Page 10f 15 UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2006 Virginia *Ginny" Brown-Waite ‘ut Neme) 5145 Spring Lake HGWY Brooksville, FL_34601_ 202-225-1002 ae (Saiing Adress) Daytine Telephone piisentarives Filer Member of the U.S. State: FL Officer Or Employing Office: ‘A$200 penalty shall an House of Representatives peice 95 Employee be assessed against anyone who files Report Termination Date: more than 30 days, ‘Type )Annual (May 16) Amendment Termination PRELIMINARY INFORMATION -- ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS ‘Ded you ar your spouse have “earned” este fa eaten of Yve) of $200 ore ‘or more rom any souree in the reporting erioa? Yer v No steroaring patod Oi. groaning orton Sea ae oe ‘tye, complete and attach Schedule yee, complete and attach Schedule Vi Ht ‘ic any individual or organization make a donation to chart In isu oF paying ‘id you, your spouse, of «dependent child rcoive any roporiabie wave er youTora speech, appearance or arte inthe ropertng period? You toy Vit aioe forte in ta reporting paid (ort mare tan 08 fone source) yes, complete and attach Schedule I {tyes, complete and attach Schedule Vi. ‘ia you, your spouse, ora aepancent ea recelve“unoarmed” income of ‘ia you nots any reportale postions on of betore the date of ing Inthe more thon §2001m the reporting period or hel any reportable asset worth Yas y No ‘current calendar yer? ‘more than $1,00at the en of Uo pero? ityes, complete and attach Schedule I. tyes, complete and attach Schedule Vi. ‘ia you, your spouse, oF dependent hid purchase, el or exchange any ‘ia you nave any reportable agrement or arrangement wih an outside /- reportable aeet mn atraneaction exceeding $1,000 during he reporting Yes y No enuty? [yen complete and attach Schedule tyes, complete and attach Schedule IX. ‘tc you, your spouse, ora dependent hia have any reportable abity {more wan $0,000) ring tho roportig pariod? Yes v No Each question in this part must be answered and the appropriate schedule attached for each “Yes” response. Details regarding "Qualified Blind Trusts” approved by the Committee cn Standards of Official Conduct and certain other “excepted ‘rusts need not be disclosed. Have you excluded from this report detals of such a trust benefiting you, your spouse, or dependent chia? Have you excluded from this report any other assets, “unearned” incorre, transactions, or liabilies ofa spouse or dependent child because they most all thre tests for exemption? CERTIFICATION -- THIS DOCUMENT MUST BE SIGNED BY THE REPORTING INDIVIDUAL AND DATED ‘This Financial Disclosure Statements requred by the Ethics in Government Act of 1978, as amended. The Statement wil be avaiable to any requesting person upon writen appication and wil be reviewed by the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct of 85 designee. Any individual who knowingly and wilful falsifes, of who knowingly and willy fails o fle this report may be subject fo cvl penalties and criminal sanctions (See 5U.S.C. app. 4, § 104 and U.S.C. § 1001). | CERTIFY tha he statements | have made on this form and al attached schedules ‘are rue, complete and correct to the best of my Kaowiadge and belie SCHEDULE | - EARNED INCOME Name Virginia "Ginny" Brown-Waite Page 2 of 15 [List the source, ype, and amount of earned income from any source (other than the filers current employment by the U.S. Government) totaling $200 or more during the preceding calendar year. For a spouse, list the source and amount of any honoraria; list only the source for other spouse earned income exceeding $1,000. State of Florida, Tallahassee, FL Pensions $14,420 State of New York, Albany, NY ‘Spouse Pension NIA State of New York, Deferred Deferred Compensation $2,163 Compensation State of New York, Albany, NY Pension $18,016 State of Florida, Tallahassee, FL Spouse Part Time Employment NIA SCHEDULE Ill - ASSETS AND "UNEARNED" INCOME ‘BLOCK A Asset and/or Income Source ‘Wdentify (a) each aaset held for Investment or production of income with afalr market value excoeding $1,000 atthe end ofthe reporting period, ‘and (b) any other asset oF source of income which generated more than '$200 In “unearned” Income during tha year. For rental property or land, provide an address. Provide full names of any mutual funds. Fora self directed IRA (.0., one where you have the power to select the specific investments) provide information on each asset In the account that ‘excoods the reporting threshold and the Income earned for the account. For an IRA or retirement pian that is not self-directed, name the Institution holding the account and provide its value atthe end of the ‘reporting period. For an active business that is not publily traded, in Block stata the nature ofthe business and its geographic location For adaltional information, see Instruction booklet for the reporting year. Exclude: Your personal residence(s) (unless there is rental income); ‘any debt owed to you by your spouse, of by your or your spouso's child, parent, oF sibling: any deposits totaling $5,000 or less in porsonal Savings accounts; any financial Interest in or income derived from US. Government retirement programs. you so choose, you may indicate that an asset or incomo source is ‘that of your spouse (SP) or dependent child (00) or is jointly held (JT), Inthe optional column on the far let. Name Virghia "Ginny" BLOCK B Year-End Value of Asset at close of reporting year. iyouusea Valuation method ‘thor than Tair market value, please specity the method used. t'an ‘asset was sold andis Included only because Its generated income, the value should be "None" BLOCK e Type of Income check al columns that ‘apply. Chock "Nona" it ‘bet didnot genorate any income during the Partnership income or Farm income) Page Sof 16 ‘BLOCK Amount of Income For retirement plane or accounts that do not allow you to choose specific Investments, you may write "NA" for income. Forall ther assets, indicate tho category of Income by checking the appropriate box below. Dividends, even reinvested, should be listed as income. Chock "None" ifn income was eared. BLOCK E Transaction Indicate asset had purchases (P), sales (8), or 1959 MG Collector Car 2 lots- Marsh Hen Drive, Shallotte, NC Ameritrade Cash Account Ameritrade IRA; Money Market Avaya Bank of America $15,001 - $50,000 None $15,001-$50,000 $1 - $1,000 $1 - $1,000 $15,001 - $50,000 CAPITAL GAINS INTEREST INTEREST None INTEREST na $25,500 $1-$200 $1 - $200 NONE $201 - $1,000