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ATIVE RESOURCE CENTER ISMAY 15. PH 3:19 ESPs MC UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, ___ FORMA aoe FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2005 For use by Members, officers, and emg Virgie "Ginny Brown- Wate Futnene) 5145 Spring Lake HGWY Brooksvile, FL. 9480¢ 202-225-1002 Giang Asis, Dayne Tele %, Member ofthe US. ‘Site FL ‘Officer Or Employing Office: Loe House of Represeriatves vce 5 Employee vows - -us ‘4200 penalty shall bo assvesed againet Termination Date: Amendment Termination INFORMATION — ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS: Barer yor aps Tae aes oT Ty, ER an Sapa Roa pO GAT Seeman souee ie oatng a Yes y, No .| VA Sapa pea: sopepnin meets todsctemmae Yap yo, compet and aac Sebel. ‘an or eatin nanan ey py Youtoaopech pene orcs he pig pl yes y, No ya, cmp andatach Sed Yau y. Mo ya, compat aed atch Shed Vi. aye cagomar or wang yo, comin and tach ctl. vey No Each question inthis part must be answered and the appropriate ye, complet and tach Sead V. _schedule attached for each "Yes" response. EXCLUSION OF SPOUSE, DEPENDENT, OR TRUST INFORMATION — ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS. “Truste- etl rgarng “Gatto lng Trans" approve by tu Como on Sanda of Oil Conducta cain oer" e=apnd {ein ment be dsclwns. Have youeclaed rom is opr data of esh aust nein you, Yur opeusecedeporrt YE NO cue? Exemptions save you exctued fom ha eportany ceases, "unas Ineome, taneactons, oles of epoute or dapncent ht ‘Sone ey moot a ee tna aspen Ye ey CERTIFICATION ~ THIS DOCUMENT MUST BE SIGNED BY THE REPORTING INDIVIDUAL AND DATED “Ths Finca Dacor Snare auto by Wa EPs Govererat Act oe arava The Satu iby mca any eanlg pron spon wraae Tater ond wit resent te Carrie n Seman of cn os Sepa Any isos ewig te way tases fos py oe ‘Thay ttc een ry bres errs a coals ue SUB aps nF oUeSTUSE'T WO Tear So Rapa aT a Rea Oy Tan \ cenit ne zoe tm thom ny Broan Whites 3\'5 | te ey compl nove abst ny now ‘SCHEDULE | - EARNED INCOME Name Vigiva"Geny' Broun. Wate Paget 18 [Ge sure, aps ae epaunt af same ncone fon any soca Ghar tan he Hers crow anplagrent by a US. Goveramar alng OV GT me ung he rowan conor. Fore poe, the source and amount of any honoraria st onl the source for ater epouse earned income exceeding Source I Type ‘Amount ‘State of Florida, Tallahassee FL Pensions $14,076 State of New York, Albany New York Spouse Pension | $18,868 ‘State of New York, Deferred Deferred Compensation $1,966 ‘Compensation State of NY, Albany New York Pension $17,695 ‘Sign Solutions ‘Spouse Part Time Employment na ‘SCHEDULE Il - PAYMENTS MADE TO CHARITY IN LIEU OF HONORARIA Name ghia “Gny" Brown. Wate Paseo 1 [stthe source, sci (oe, epeoch, appearance, or arin), dain and wnauit of eny payment made bythe apondor ofan evento a charlie organization in ow loan honorarium. A separate confidential tof charles reeling such payments must be fed crecy with te Commies on Standords of Ofal Conduct. An lorwolope for tranamiting the let Included n each Members Source McDonald's ‘Appearance and Speech to money donated to Christian Contractors “women entrepreneurs ing package. Date ‘Amount 10/20/05 ‘$1,500