Turning Waste into a Business Opportunity Presented by: Jeevit B Eco Kraft Ltd

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The Challenge 3/9/12 .

The Challenge 3/9/12 .

Our Solution 3/9/12 .

Products • Product Benefits • Aesthetic finish • Durability Rot. algae proof and insect resistant • Cost effective • Easy to work with • Environmentally friendly 3/9/12 .

Environmental Conservation through Recycling Market segments We intend to specifically target the institutional market: • • • Neglected by major industry players Lucrative in terms of volume of orders Frequency of orders reasonable to justify a sustainable business 3/9/12 . Long term cost effectiveness. Universities Economics (affordability).Target Customers Residential Individual Farmers Individual Home Owners Landlords Plot Owners Commercial Hardware Stores Flower Farms Cattle Ranches Hotels / Resorts Construction Companies Landscaping Companies Institutional Wildlife Services Conservation Groups Forestry Services Airports Authority Profile / Characteristics Target market /Customers NGO's Schools. Colleges. Durability. Aesthetics. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

g.  Discounts on bulk purchases. posters.g.Marketing strategy  Approach procurement managers in our target institutions. 3/9/12 . barbed wire & fencing staples.  In-house sales & marketing team  Own website. brochures.g.  Websites of strategic firms e. fliers at strategic events  Offer incentives with complementary products e. construction.  Print media e. landscaping & architectural companies.

Sales / distribution strategy   We will sell & distribute through appointed distributors/stockists These will mostly be hardware stores in high demand areas.  Apply to service advertised tenders 3/9/12 .

EcoKra ft 3/9/12 .EcoKraft – Partner Relationship Chart.

Challenges  Low production capacity  Increase collection yards to guarantee raw material  Electricity / power lose in the country  Transportation – We hire trucks which reduces our profits 3/9/12 10 10 .


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