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UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES | ___ FORMA FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2005 Forse by Members, offcers, and employees Michael C. Burgess, MD. “Fat ane) .0, Box 292728 Lewioile, TX 75020-2728 2m 2772 aig hes) Ta Member oftieus. ‘State: TX Howe Reese et 28 Amendment INFORMATION - ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS Se a ee ee oR TIT Dae sa FIERO SSN AT ‘row onan saute be pring pe Yes = No yy Y- Gansatag pwede amsing mon bansostncnecanemme Yep Mo yes completa oa atch Sched _ Hytstomplete ane tach a _- fuldronen gelinermrancrnscteear a. yg vn Sentence sree anareine pie le Yes iy Mo) fenomsoucet tye compli andstaen Sonedule i, ya ste ra epncn ch a “nara meat ecescmeniggeesetnympnssesm Yen y Ho very my i mgd ch Sa 8 tye, compat and auch Sohodle Vi _ | De your seen reat in geet nyo ones ora wt ene ecaiCanatincimansoncceeeg sitar tenes” Yea y Ny Yee Now [jee complete and stach Scheie V. = - ys, compete and aah Sebel _ ‘ou, yo io dpe ca ay pra My ete (meted coy teepareng eaet yes 4 Ho Each question inthis part must be anewored and the appropriate ye, complet tnd aac Schedule. “schedule attached for each "Yes" response. ‘ete egasing “Gali Blind Yun approved by te Commie on Standara of Ola Conduct and cavaln ar “erceied trata nee rote closed. Have you exuded ram ins report dtl of suche wus Benen You, Your apouse or oparaene Yee NO eh ae Examptions— Kaye you ecuded om this port any erases, “unearea come, waneatong rabies of spo or dapendn hd Deceue tay meet tive tats fo exempt? Ys Now CERTIFICATION — THIS DOCUMENT MUST BE SIGNED BY THE REPORTING INDIVIDUAL AND DATED ‘psbaton aco cena by he Gores ov Sundae faa Goes ore Soc. yds he arg and ly line vine on ‘sf to impor nny bs acto ow Foes sn ermal Gee SUS soy @F ears USC'S Th ‘sets comin ade ath bat oy ome ada SCHEDULE It - ASSETS AND "UNEARNED" INCOME [oo aageas uo a Boon mocks ‘Brooke moEKe BLOGKE Aasa andor Income Source voarend | sypeorincome | Amountotincome | ranean soLiasanseammremencrcmat | Valo Asset [icine | rarest. | mses Seaman [Solas Resin yes wie | Stneatin eran RA or armen pan tae ot et ciectn, nome te, Insta nldng the account a proviso x ain athe ed af a ‘porting pelo. Foran aetve busines that ot pully aden Bock A state nar fhe Dahan and ts geographic oat. For adele tortion see intucton boat or the reporting ‘Exclude: Your persona sient (ules terra income ‘Sy cet owed oyu by Your spouse, orb) Youre your spouse CM, ‘arent oatng: sy oposite $8,00 or as pone Snvngseccount: ay tare interest nr ncome Stree rom US, Ifyou so chooea, you may ndot tht an ase oincome sore ie {hate yar spouse (5) er pana cd (DC) oo jody ha Inthe option cotumn on tw aria Lake Point Medical Really GP, None NONE j -LLe \ * Lake Point Medical Realty Lis $100,001 - NONE a $260,000 i Lewisvile Surgicare Partners, None INTERESTICAPI $50,001 -$100,000 | Ober | La ~~"! Sacres Talkeetna, AK ” $1,001- “NONE $15,000 | Abbott Labs $1,001 - DIVIDENDS $1200 i $15,000 i | ‘American Movil Sa De CV $1,001 - DMDENDS $1 - $200 $15,000 | ‘SCHEDULE Ill- ASSETS AND "UNEARNED" INCOME | Inte! Corp. Merck and Co. Microsoft Nokia Petrofund Energy Trust Southwest Airines ‘Stryker Corp. $1,001- | $15,000 [s1,001- | $15,000 | $1,001 - | $15,000 $181,000 $1,001- $15,000 | $1,001 $15,000 $15,001- | $50,000 $1,001 - $15,000 $4,001 - $15,000 | $1,001 - 515,000 I | $1,001 - | $18,000 DIVIDENDS DIVIDENDS: ~~ | DIVIDENDS DIMIDENDS: DIVIDENDS: DIVIDENDS. DIVIDENDS: DIVIDENDS. ‘DIVIDENDS DIVIDENDS DIVIDENDS. $1,001 - $2,500 ~~ $t-$200 $i-s200 $1-$200 ~~ $1=$200 “$1-$200 Name Mae! ges. m 1 pamaer $1,001 - ] DIVIDENDS | $1-$200 T _.._| $18:000 | | Lo $1,001- DMDENDS | ‘$1-$200 — ee [$15,000