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conan uns i nited States Sonat eS a cee a & re egg (06 JUN ~8 PH G: Sh tSNSS June 5, 2006 ‘Washington, D. C. 20510 Dea Sirs: have attached amended pages for Part VII ftom my Financial Disclosure reports forthe years 2000 10 2005. ‘This position as Truste/Director forthe Foundation for Scholastic Excellence, a Non Profit Corporation, was inadvertently left of of my annual reports. Ifyou have any questions, please call my Chief of Staff, Clark Johnson, or my ‘Administrative Director, Margo Rushing, on 4-2644. ‘Thank you. Conrad United States Senator | 80000230252 or Conrad Burns held PART Vill. POSITIONS HELD OUTSIDE U.S. GOVERNMENT Exclude: Postion wit edoralgoversment, religious, sola, tema, o polical ete, and those solely ofan honorary ale = Gta: anecoelions held by you dung the applcabe reporting period whether compensated or not. Positons include, but re not ite to those ofan entero ee tus, ganeral partner, propor, representative, employes, or consultant of any coporation fin setters cane orcs aig" OF HY AOn-profterganizalen o eduestonal inten. Both tho year and month must be reported forte period of ne thet he meeeeen wes Paster 3700 | Gen Haters Asn of Rock Goocon | ray EXAMPLE prot oabenton [one sti Hometcon, USA EXAMPLE. aw Fi T ‘rom ry Name of Orgentzation Aatiose(chy Sun) | Type oforonaion | reononvon | de, | ain ern 776) Trustee/Director f»/97 i LL Non =P} == Mr $01(c) (3) Non : | 3 pepe = id sha | pr Compensation in excess of $200 from any position must be reported in Part, 3 ah — rom “SRNE Sta? > PART Vill. POSITIONS HELD OUTSIDE U.S, GOVERNMENT i Fear iy Bosions eld by you during the applabe reporting period whether compensated or not. Poslons include, bu ae not nied o those of an oftcar, decor, trtee, general pariner, proprietor, representative, employee, or consuant of any corporis fren cetera a eee fag Se OF Any nor-proft organization or educational nett, ‘Both he year and month must be reported forthe period of bre tet te peetien was hel Exclude: Posons wth federal goverment, religous, soca, atm or pollcl ents, end those soll of an honorary nature Nae of Organization Acaen(cny sat) | Toot oumtaton | rontonvena | eat] aan Tate Rafe cnc WER EXAMPLE Past 3100 ome “pest Sah eet, Oh EXAMPLE Fae ae BilLings,. MT 501(¢)(3)Non-__| Trustee/Director i] ‘lexcetience, A Non- Profit Corporation rd me e pe HT ‘Compensation in excess of $200 from any position must be reported In Part I Pa