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UNITED STATES SENATE FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT Son0e2 35264 FOR ANNUAL AND TERMINATION REPORTS Tm — ieee Tarra SoS TE ur Rehan nl SE LT | a ST 217 Ruts Sense Ofce Bung 2224.84 toerenineine [_-SEtERREADING THE INSTRUSTONS aay HESE GUESTIONSIAND ATTACH THE RELEVANT PART fi nea Sia no a Sime tare Ses Lie ‘id any ind egarizaton make «dont o ayn ew of a) ae ee ambursmens far raven he opong pao f= worth meee han, ‘ayng Youre spseh. sppearanen, or arse te reporting Poe? x x Tes, Compl and Azo PART L_] [9] seosttemene sources? ives Cupid tah PART Faceted ne leat tliat ag (ie, our sess, dpenr cis av ary mpm aby ‘epotrg pre x (rere tan $15000 arog pein pe x ‘Teg Good Ata PAT ‘Fics, Conpe sn nach PART Wh i you Jur pn Sopra Soave Une o TNC inane ef morn 20h beer pred rile ay repoie ten worn mre un $000 Se cod of be pont x iis Sonia 6 Mish Pant a ce yu at ry epoatn postns an rest date ong the core coen ea? iTYon Soi tach PART ix] id you, Jour spose or dependent ci purchase sal, aenge ‘Do yu hve any repaite aplowrari or avangoment whan cade Imostebh aswcthme fare gah poe oon { Fes, Complete and Attach PART IV. x if ¥es, Complete and Attach PART 1X. x Tsu eo poe RTA ay SS GTS ul pt, ert SI aS Eg i (you rca congaaatin dor an soared Gm apeating mean 888 ord coma s [ eee isoen roy J EN Fe ori an sean ee [7 Ear question must be ane Wood aniline appropriate PART attached for auch VES" response. File this report and any amendments with the Secretary ofthe Senate, Oca of Pubic Records, Room 232, Hart Senate Offee Bulding, US. Senate, Washington, DG 20610. $200 Penalty fr fling more than 30 days afer due date Tis Fancal Dsesre Suomen a eaufed by a Shien in Govern Atel WE, sv arandad Tre TaioTeTTW Te Tade WaT £3 be ea ofthe Soe f te Senet any reauestg parson upon wen sstcaios awl be reviewed by re Seles Comer hE. yids koning an wl les, oro knowingly and wily aso hepato be sabes oe ed inal encore, S68 USC apy 6,104 993 1SUSE 1004 ani Sa aT aa TEERTET sa Ves We S-\ soe Tear aae ae Sorstie Ren roa Spheres oe Taam aie ea —_—— Sena RSUAGREOZS S PARTI EARNED AND NON-INVESTMENT INCOME 2 FRepor the source (name end address), type, and amount of earned income to you fom any source aggregating $200 or more during the reporting period For your spouse, report the source (name end address) and type of earned income which sagregate $1,000 or more curing the reporting period. NO ‘amount needs te be speced for your spouse. (See p.3, CONTENTS OF REPORTS Part 8 of instructions.) Do nt report Income from employment by the USS, Goverment for you or your spouse Individuals not covered by the Honoraria Ban: For you and for your spouse, report honoraria income received which aggregates $200 or mere by exact amount, give the date of, and describe the activity {epeech, eppeerance or article) generating such honoraria payment. Do not include payments in lieu of honoraria reported on Patt | Name of Income Source ‘Address (City, Stata) Type of income | Amount Tae [Doane om Ear 7 Tapa [aaa rm) an a Baro ‘Ssoy Bros _ er 067 1] LRB Reatty| Winston-Salem, NC ‘Spouse Salary 2 7 fe e | t ls] | Toumausas 026s | PARTWA, PUBLGLYTRABED ASSETS AND UNEARNED NGONE-ouncEs [5 BOOKS BiooKe Valuation of Assets ‘Type and Amount of income ‘And Uneamed Income Sources ‘te com cloning pi sen ores an 20 chs terry sce Steck Crt en. Ths Report he conc nae of each pully econ nan 0 Inco rea eaves oad oe arte traded aeet nad by you, your spouse, or Your Shake et cl eee ‘dependent child, (Seo .5, CONTENTS OF Type of incom ‘Amount of REPORTS Part 9 of instructions) for Production of incame er investment which (Q)had aval excooding $1,000 tthe ‘ose of fe reporting prod ance (2) generates over $200 in “unearned” income during the reporting prod. Inet on this PART IIA a compsete ‘entfeaton of each puole bon, mics fnd, publicly toded partnership interest. excepted Irveaiment funds, bank sous excepted ‘nd qualified bind ists, and publi Yaded ‘sects of verve plan, ramp o6, |_—_EM Go $5 [a Keren ns sox Type) 5.000.001 - 25000000, #250007 $6000000| Toe ress nan FO 315 007350000 001 3109.000 Feo $0008 $255 001-300 000 ‘er 81605000" Bi00008 Tine ora han $0 Capt Gane Siar $2008 eEcor $5000 Set 5.00 erat e80000 109004 1000000 ‘rer 3.00000" | Golamen Sachs Equlty KET a x (Cisco Stock x eal x Is _| Eaward D. Jones Cash x x x 5 [s__| wachovia Stock x F g x RF Micro Devices Stock x i x | Przer Stock Bi fe x General tills Stock x [fs _ | wachovia Checking x F fofoc | Edward D. Jones Cash x tel i ENP TN TEST Gos paramos ts rap bay Tage omega can Dene [ems eo ‘pr cau pas ny Ww stl hah napa oye peepee ni he te