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Peete eee eee tenet ee Serer eee et eee at eer eae ae en Ree 2008 FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT For 2007 Calendar Year Reporting Period GK. Barrterheld Wember of the US. ‘Siate_AL 2A House ot Representatives Dairet_OT Form A For use by Member, officers, and employees Se See ate ‘A $200 penalty shall be assessed O dividual or organization make a donation to Chasity 1 ‘of paying you for a speech, appearance, orartcle nine Veg! against anyone who files more than Termination Date Termination plete and attach Schedule VI 0, your spouse, or a dependent ‘or reimursomants for travel ‘attach Schedule Vi TK Did you have, {an outside entity? It yes, complete and attach Schedule IX. reportabie agreement or avangomert with S00 ng he eporing peed? ves>X] Each question in this part must be answered and the appropriate schedule attached for each “Yes” response. ves[_] nofX] yes[_] nol SCHEDULE I— EARNED INCOME State oF North Carolina For payments to charity in lew of honoraria, use Schedule Il SCHEDULE III—ASSETS AND “UNEARNED” INCOME BLOCK A BLOCK Block ¢ BLOCK D Asset and/or Income Source Value of Asset Type of Income Amount of Income Indicate value of asset at close of } Check all columns that apply. For ling year. I you use a valuation Seong a Sree ee tae ala see eae t aviv [vel vit} wile | ox Dc ea i | et i teee: aelé 5 i example FEFEER gl ge ql mares mm agdggesass vce | lelalegdetg) i yoseochoe ae a 4) asl ial |e i Salele|Se|7 ce) Pears deg gsgesaeedee ieee) se | lS ilzlslaalaliae tort sre 3] a) 5) 8) 5) 3] 5) 8) 2 a 8) 21818 /2/2/8)8) 62 | 2/5/85) s]8|s/8/5)3) 6 | te EEE x Thigh Ee S pari 20 re [indefinie faleafeat lee fi z LK a 5% 7 BGeT, wilson, NC B+T Wilson, NC ie QG6+T, Wilson, NC Uorby Life, Cone ine, MX — TSL Development Ce an ; ButtecPield for For additional assets and unearned Income, use next page.