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UNITED STATES SENATE FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT FOR ANNUAL AND TERMINATION REPORTS. ro Tea ae aa aE Cantwell Maria E, 2005 U.S. Senator Room 717 Hart Bldg, Washington, DC 20510 eae ereey NA | CAPTER READING Ta SENG TRUCUONS ANSNERER Le en ‘isan ns or erganaatan ake etn fo cacy n fou st frsayouto ema egrets once bern pee? OS es yes, Compile ané Atach PART VL OX ‘iyo a your as ave eared Pi 0, SINT oF Invent nas of mer tan $200 fom 2) fpr ssc nae ‘agen pa Item Campton sch PART al || Renae" L Dio, Your eae, dean ah TNT RTT Irate of ere thar 860 ne repr pe or hat ey op ‘otro an 000 oo per? ives Compe 4 Atarh PRAT Wa ander yas} {Yes Campi ond Atach PART ‘iyo ha any potions on arblo he ase fng inthe ‘Dla you, your soa, pens cl purctane, el or exaarae any fepanatis asl worh mre than 0 rainy peed? Ives, Compt and ach PART ety ‘aay have ay aporane arsenite FV complete and Aten PART dependent GO osha ay eoatala Ge Ifvex Compete and ston 24 ia you rece congensaton mor tan Hebets once nbeiuc or sa? coe LA propriate PART atachied foreach “VE yTesponse, Fle is roport and any amendinonts wth the Secretary ofthe Sonat, Ofc of Puc Rocords, Room 25, Hart Seats Orcw Building US. ‘Senate, Washington, DC 20510. $200 Penalty for fling more than 30 days aftr duo date. rminal sancione (See SUS. app. 6,104 and USC. 1001), This Fiance! Disclosure Statement requredby the Etacs h Goverimert At of 17a, as amended. The Saarant wilbe nade walabl by the Ofte ofthe Secretary ofthe Sonata to ary roauestng person upon ween applation anil be jwed bythe Select Corrie ‘on Eee. Aa ndhil ws Kxouingly ad willy false, or who knowingly ad willy fae to fe thi apo ay bs eubjec toc aa ST Be | pe ee Siesta SHH FE Tio ei ae Safle Rees ORS Dee Ta Inznd Stn oerieae PARTIIA. PUBLICLY TRADED ASSETS AND UNEARNED INCOME SOURCES |; tty ot Pubes Traded Assets Vaan ot Aeots Type and Ann‘ of income Lenmplsinmibajeinionmepei ‘Atthe close of regoring period, {Nore fr les tan $201)" 1s Checked. no other sit is ned n Block for that em. THe Sati cong ane fee uy Nocera TEES Retme sone erode Dobos based ‘tbe net ly Jus spose, or our ; thet ly fu ote Tyisotincone Amount of cere Eso pad oony or | Fredicon cnet Roser ich ‘hhedavev ceed 31200 | lel : dose ofthe reporting period, andor el (glgle 3 | e|~| Aa Ujgeiedoe yew? allal, Sale ef fom lg al, |g] [= one dag he ceotng pte el3|8/8 i lal inculocninis PART IIA sie lel lel lela 18 3] Hellen] | lel st8l8) E18) slgla/""™ fon of eoch pubic bond, muti fund, 2/218 /8/5| 319)" ) 213 3) E] 2) 3|"%0'| g} 18/8) 8]3|8|=/2|2]e| come erence oe’ (HIS/ETET I elelelddl | Ieee)” See ee 2] Bla/ale) 8) S| Slel sel s/slei glee 3{8)818)8|2/3| 318) 1 SlelSielalE/ElASUAMs|alelAs|E]a) — |H/alESISIEURE|EEE coi | 75) Kaatore Ford x cames x Ene 1 [Reactors ne. (Steck) x [ x | 2 | us ean cncng x xt | KT | 2 | Arian Taree Bnd Fond Bi i el | 7 Per ltay Prine Obigaione x Lx | ResRewors dT atenert i 7 LH | _Temieion Foran x rl Le Bi | /7 | Wiliam Blair International Growth x| I x] i x | ] 2] VarguatRetrenent Sanne ast | |x ERgEG ix a | _ vero Winder Fina ix { a x x ie] _Aneiza Boron Smal Ca van’ [|x] | aa x Le TSH TST a tag ig ny ented nn ta Oot ix engin rat enn pe cao erty ee ca tn Sas hl apn yb ape Ws sda yo boreal ae a pep O TAPRARESOSS Cantwell, Maria E, PARTIIA. PUBLICLY TRADED ASSETS AND UNEARNED INCOME SOURCES p ‘ony of Publey Faded Assets ‘And Unearned income Sources FRopotihe compete name ofeach pi, traded asast held by You, your spouse, or your dependent nis (See p.2, CONTENTS OF RESORTS Par of ntustons fo Poduconefincome or vesimant which (G) had lus exceeding $1,000 atthe ‘ose ofthe reporting poros ardor (2) generated over $200 n“uneame income dng the epotng prod. Ince on his PART IAs completa ldentestion of eoc publ bond, tual fin, publ traded parmarsininarest excoptea Investment ngs bank accounts, excepod Sd qualies ln tats Sess of retro Valuation of Assets ees Type and Amount of Income 1m (nn 20) Can oy rd Alte Ti sof ncome “Amount of neome 3 lz ; 1901-81500 esa01 350000, 099007500000 2500000761 90000 20000 $= 0000 Sono - sso F0a01 rosa pec ‘ sy $0.00 Tor en nao 01-7000 Soot $2000 2501-46000 ‘or 1600 00201 s5cn0000 ‘rer 00000 Ereped Tot ‘o.a4 = 0m ‘an00% e108 050 rer. 00 80 [$5001 sono 1 Reanetworks-40"k Retrement canted) 72] Vanguard Total Bond Market inex Fund 3] American Funds Growth Fund R-4 Clase “sigan Slarleyeiuonal Fund Sa company Gout