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LEGISLATIVE RESOURCE CENTER TOOTMAY 15 AM IO: SS. Grete ce I us. nWuSk oF ReSmESENTATES {0ffce Use Oni) UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES an 2007 FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT Feet eer reece MictaeL EVERETT CAPUANO hiclacent 1617-62 I~ 72 CENTRAL STREET [-202-225-SIUI of 6208 : ag a Somercille NVA gz14s : Filer Status ‘A $200 penalty shail be assessed against anyone who files more than 30 days late. Torsusnoraowstes carer remy alg or We yuo spouse a8 Sire receheay 3) 200 or re om ary aout n to repo er ‘eportable git nthe poring porod (2, agpregating more ves[] o[X] w ‘nd aiach Schedule ihn 900 anor are a ‘yes, complete peas re 1. Did any indlvivel or organization make a donation to chariy in Tou of paying youtor a spaech, appearance, or arto he ‘eporable tavel orfeneureemonte for vavelinthereporita ——Yegl—]_No| reporting fed (werth more tan $308 fom one source)? ifyes, complete and attach Schedule i ‘fyes, Somplete and stich Schedule Vi a Cae, ol CI] Bee a ae eet a, Oe ary ema a Sac wurt ore tn SCOOT nd Of riod? Wipes Cong a saach Sek ves[7] of] reportable {t'yes, complete and attach Schedule ti a TV. Did you, your spouse, or dependent chid purchase, sal, 1X, Did you have eny reportable agreement or arrangement Siageguea ease mcnevoreatonectesre —— yegl) wo Cy] winerc en ves[] no[X ‘$1,000 during the reporting (es, No ‘attact lox. fes| ihe, gle ad tae Scmaue. AoE eee rere ¥. Did you, your spouse, or a dependent child have any reportable ves x] wo] Each question in this part must be answered and the poly i a1) $510,000) during th reporting per appropriate schedule attached for each “Yes” response. Vil, Dig Gee eis non ams ‘TRUSTS—Dotails regarding “Qualfied Blind Trusts" approved by the Commitiea on Standards of Offcial Conduct and certain other “excopted trusts” need not be disclosed. Have you exced from this report details of sucha trust benefting you, your spouse, or dependent chili? [EXEMPTION—Have you oxcluded from this roport any ther asets, “unoarned” income, tasactons, or labios ofa spouse or Sapendent chi because they meet all three tests for exemption? This Financial Disclosure Statement is required by the Ethics in Government Act of 1978, as amended. The Statement will be available to any requesting person upon written app or its designee. Any individual who knowingly and wilfully falsii inal sanctions (See 5 U.S.C. $104 and 18 T CERTIFY that the statements | and all attached schedules are true, complete and [TI] soreet te best of my knowledge anc tt Name an SCHEDULE | — EARNED INCOME st the source, type, and amount of eamed income from any source {other than the fler's current employment by the U.S. Government) totalling $200 or ‘more during the preceding calendar year. For a spouse, list the source and amount of any honoraria; list only the source for other spouse eared income exceeding $1,000. a E Copwane fro Zoi SCHEDULE Il — PAYMENTS MADE TO CHARITY IN LIEU OF HONORARIA List the source, activity (Le., speech, appearance, or article), date, and amount of any payment made by the sponsor of an event to a charitable organization in fieu of an honorarium. A separate confidential list of charities receiving such payments must be filed directly with the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct. An envelope for transmitting the list is included in each Member's filing package. This page may be copied If more space is required.