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LESISL ATIVE RESOURCE cENTES TON HAY 1S PH 5:49 UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES eae 2007 FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT oe ees oe eee _=Toha_Russe (( Caenahan : sus wie ies tie 6x US. HOUSE OF REPRESERTAvES as ~ Longwicth HOB ; et wAND DELIVERED (4/ wana rin tn ton D.C. aos" 203-aaS -267 (0tes Use omy Momber ofthe US. Sate [seen House of Ropresoniatves, District; __3_ Oficeror Employee fee ‘A $200 penalty shall be assessed against anyone who files more than 30 days late. T. Did you or your spouse have “earned Income (eg. salaries oF Wig you you Spouse, ora dopendont chi ecaivo any fees) of $200 or more from any source in the reporting period? reportable gift in the reporting period (Le. aggregating more Ifyes, complete and attach Schedule | than $298 and not otverwise exempt) yes, complete and attach Schedule Vi 1, id any nda ar organization make a donations chatyi” "Vi, Ox you, your speto, oa capardent hid ecave ay lost paying yor a speech, agporarce, or are nthe Telos ata fimiaseons travel nto Topo reponig pores? | fetter mow han $058 fem one sos) ifjen, Complete and aitach Schedule, fffoo,Sompiote and attach Schedue Vi. I De you. your pause, oa ponder cid eceive unearned Vi 01 you hod ary repoisble postions on orbeae the income of more than $200 inthe reparing period or hold any ate ol fing in the curren calendar year? ‘epee axel wort rar an 00a hs on of hs Prod? ifyee, complete andstach Sched Vi, ifjes, complet ard attach Sched ui (VD you, your sobse, oF depondon ca pura, TE. Bid you Rave any evoate agree ar arangement 2 periph bone a treatin ey an Syme ere rao ‘So0 ng te ae ps ‘omplte and atach Sched it yes, complete and attach Schedule IV. Abeer Ma ous op Spots oF 8 dependent chid have any reportable Each question in this part must be answered and the ihe Cis autos Ssbaie 8 e appropriate schedule attached for each “Yes” response. EXCLUSION OF SPOUSE, DEPENDENT, OR TRUST INFORMATION — ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS TRUSTS Desi gang Ouals Bt Ture sprayed ne Crm en Sara f Ocal Centr aeranaper'xcpesinw eset Yes] wel] bo closed. Have you excluded om his report deta of such a ust beefing you, your spous, or dependent id? meet all three tas for exemption? EXEMPTION” you eae Hom i pe ay cer ast nearer, rans, erabtes a spouseordopencontchabessisethey eg] no Xl CERTIFICATION — THIS DOCUMENT MUST BE SIGNED BY THE REPORTING INDIVIDUAL AND DATED ‘This Financial Disclosure Statement is required by the Ethics in Government Act of 1978, as amended. The Statement will be available to any requesting person upon writen application and will be reviewed by the Committee on Standards of Oficial Conduct or its designee. Any individual who knowingly and wilfully falsifies, ‘oF who knowingly and willfully fails to file this report may be subje and criminal sanctions (See § U.S.C. app. 4, §104 and 18 U.S.C. $1001 | CERTIFY that the statements | have made on this form ‘and all attached schedules are true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belie a@rrahan SCHEDULE | — EARNED INCOME List the source, type, and amount of earned income from any source (other than the fler's current employment by the U.S. Government) totalling $200 or ‘more during the preceding calendar year. For a spouse, lst the source and amount of any honoraria; list only the source for other spouse earned income exceeding $1,000. Ontario County Board of Education —_ U.S. Government, House oF Representatives Lity oF SH. Louis , Munrer jal Court For payments to charity in lieu of honoraria, use Schedule Il, SCHEDULE Il — PAYMENTS MADE TO CHARITY IN LIEU OF HONORARIA List the source, activity (ie, speech, appearance, or article), date, and amount of any payment made by the sponsor of an event to a charitable organization in lieu of an honorarium. A separate confidential list of charities receiving such payments must be filed directly with the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct. An envelope for transmitting the lst is included in each Member's filing package. Activity ‘This page may be copied if more space is required.