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0eee2 30266 UNITED STATES SENATE FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT FOR ANNUAL AND TERMINATION REPORTS. Ife Corian ten PART a atte angie pus is Ana ie iba ee Conse RPS loaner Tromas 005 Senator Tomas R Carper Ses a ae = aie a jan ss Ha tse as Titan Bl ea [st.513, Us Senste, Washington, DC 20510 200-204-244 Governor, Stato of Delaware AFTER READING THE INSTRUCTIONS - ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS AND ATTAGH THE RELEVANT PART [ves [ xo lo ay nd ewan ne won chan au par aura anh asain oats ne arapela?! Ven Carpi and Sch PRAT x [sou rser spose ard nce alos fs) onesies nae i han 00 oy perl Sears Fp pring pee a [2 o, r seas,opatet Ca acdve wared faa haane ma han S20 pts dw NA wy ETS se a eon 8.9 atm on a Ties Congas soa baer |X so. yer opin, cpt as aan, ak etarge ay etal cah wre an 6 GOOD Aa pee _I Ys, Calan ana ea PARTI x yes ype eounar vecae ry sete ine reparhg peed, pggiig ma Fon ROS a aoe Bem yes Compt an tseh PART pers en nn ae yee Pntarenbrors a nora to oa on ae, Fi [eu rons epeaan shave ay eps ly Gee on O00) a Re pet eT [sytney ate apart or arangemontwih ete [isis RST et, Os ous carpio fer tan S560 fina nga crc ho apie oat Each question must be answered and the appropiate PART attached foreach "YES" response: rte wis report and any amondirants with Ue Soretary ofthe Sen 200 Penaly for ting ore than 30 day etc dus date Office of Pubic Records, Room 232, Hart Sonat Oc Buling, U.S. Senate, Washington, DG 20510 eninal sanctions, See 5 USC. ap, 104, anc BUS 700%) [Tis Franca Dsclsie Statrant is rogue by te Eiesn Goverment Act of 1978, a amended. Te slatren wl be made evalabia he Ofc fhe Soceian of ne Senate ay requesting person Jpn writen eppicaton an wtb evened Oy te SeeatCommiton Eis. Any nda wo known an wily fais er who Krenngy and wally fe ergot ay be ues o Cl eed Bye $-10-o% Eee 7 a FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY DeNot We Line 30 SUE Wd SI ATW 8696230287 PART II. EARNED AND NON-INVESTMENT INCOME. [Reporting individual's Namo ©3" | Carper, Thomas R Page Number | 1 J [Report te source (name ane address), type, and amount of earned income to you rom any sourGs aggregating $200 or more during the feportng period. For your spouse, report the source (name and address) and ype of earned income which aggregate $1,000 or mare curing | {ne reporting period. No amount needs tobe specified for your spouse. (See p.2, CONTENTS OF REPORTS Part B of insiruclone) Do ret report income from employment by the U.S. Government for you or your spouse. Individuals not covered by the Honoraria Ban: |For you and for your spouse, report honoraria income received which aggregates $200 or more by exact amount, give the date of, jand describe the activity (speech, appearance or article) generating such honoraria payment, Do not include payments in lieu of honoraria reported on Part | Name of income Source: ‘Address (Gity, Stato) ‘Typo of income [Amount | ee we 08 ‘Sarwn_| Say Eamoe | 16000 cs ges nih ms Brana | or 53000 1 Keen, industries (Spouse) Wichita, KS ‘Severance ‘Over $1,000 2 | E.1. DUPONT DE NEMOURS AND CO. (Spouse) | Winingion, DE Pension (Over $1,000 a 4 6 7 ® 2 0 a fa 3 9222 PARTIIA. PUBLICLY TRADED ASSETS AND UNEARNED INCOME SOURCES Reporting individual's Namo. = (Carper, Thomas R, Page Number 2 scrate eee Type and Arpount of income {tn len reporng paris. ITN (ores han $20 cheakoa no ae" ent I odes in Blok for thet a. Tie luzetecomgie ranch | ¥Ronaorins nS Tlie income ecalved or sce ha bone te dha [sae een Convers oF rencontre | “Amount of income (i)had a valve excoeding 51,000 athe ose ofthe ‘poring pero endfor (2) generates over $200 i “sneered nceme ding ‘he reporing period Inctac on tis PART IA 2 [esc pustis bond, mutual favestment funds, bank counts, excopted and aiid bin rt, anc seta mew etfesons | &| alalal i q gf |B, | rere | =| alal Zl; ae | ¥ 8] lol aletelglelgelal Perera oaf SERRE (eleie/eel | | |sldlaldl ™ Hegel dome 2) a] alg] s] als) §/8] g/e/8) |x| di ala)a fiz} | 8/8 81 818) $18 $I Hy) ] a] ) 8] 8] 5] 8] 6) 8] 2]2}3) 1/84) 8)3 Ba) =) a) 5 8) a) 8/3) 5) 8 bey ireded asses of 8 | | | T x x [een t [Beri [Sse of Domes SO) lel x |epe