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| UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. roma FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 200s | Fo¥'s#0y Mente oer ans eno: |_____Bawara Espenett case | 115 cannon touse oftice-Batidtng _ Ue 206 MAYS py way Meshington D.C. 20515 Wea mus Sie lewat——— | | once owe oPeprontBatce 2 clin —— Oe PRELIMINARY INFORMATION — ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS ‘A $200 ponatty shall be asseasea] against anyone who fle more then 30 days ate, Ha" == Oy ‘organization make a donation to char in _ ‘iL id you, your spoune Fa dependent cid receive any — eraetatx trace wma Re” vl] yofr]| BOMTCENEatE ER air 1D »E]| stearate A »Q | yes, compte and stach Schedule, an ~ | Ete, Sompt and sich Shes ul = | 1 tires gon aaa one ymen Tey esate soe om Thea ae aS vel] ww] Sactcecheeene Yel] 1 Seka em YL FRR ia | Fst usuario" i =e oO fel ee a oa ae a TNT TT Sate i carr oar ek Sotaaes (Shee Yeo] no] | Fhe stet nan emase vel El Iv. 0 you, your apouse, oa depandent chit fave any epowabe 7 Each question in thie part must be anewered and the {aity Vera ther $10,900) curing Oe reporting period? fes| Juestion in this par answered ai ii Gana eae vee] wok] i appropriate schedule attached for each “Yes” response. EXCLUSION OF SPOUSE, DEPENDENT, OR TRUST INFORMATION — ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS ve] E] RETR trees nt prey areas er mae sara wean smmarioueses el] ee] CERTIFICATION — THIS DOCUMENT MUST BE SIGNED BY THE REPORTING INDIVIDUAL AND DATED This Financial Disclosure Statement i required by ihe Ethles in Government Act of 1978, as amended. The Statement wil be avalablo to any requesting preon pon writen application and wl be reviewed by tho Commitee on Standard of Oficial Conduct ore design, Any nce! who kong and wily fses, ‘or who knowingly and wilful fis to fle this roport may be subjct to cvl penalties and erminal sanctions (Seo USC. app. 4,6 10h end 1BUSC. $1001) Puce coarser anes 1 Scvewiomamee™ =| LLL May I, 2006 ‘TRUSTS —_Dotasepedng"Quad ina Tras” approves by to Cente on Stands of Otel Condit and aan er "eceped Wut? raed ne ‘edacned Have you se ton fis ep eat oa art mrtg you yor sae, pena aS SCHEDULE I— EARNED INCOME List the source, type, and amount of eared income rom any sours (other than the fr’ current empoyment bythe US. Government totaling $200 or ‘mare during the preceding calendar year. Fora spouse ist the eource and amount of any honorad sl only the source for ober spouse eared income exceeding $1,000, For payment ocharty in eu of Ronorarla, ube Schedule I ‘Asset endior Income Source {ge anh ast tlt orate Check at cotamns that ape Lave blank aet od not anette any Income dung isivmeiees oes ss Setuaersrseee ree eee Ssh ry cepts ng Peer ee s1-81000 Si00901 = 250000 ‘009201 8 00080 2501 = 46.00 FH 61-6 ORT INTEREST [se 5 [owns For addtional assets and uncamed income, usenext page.