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| UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES | FORMA FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2005 Monoe N. Caste PT ___ 2001 Kentmer Place Wigton DE 19908 sonazes902 ae @ MerberofheUS. Slam DE Coffee Or Employing Once: Filer | oo EE, | HoneerResencaates Sam. [O ehpeyeo Teper — Termination Date Type _[e)Annuaicuay 15) | Amendment | 5) Termination PRELIMINARY INFORMATION — ANSWER. Sincrebom ase he eponas Ba ye, complet nnd stach Sehele Ja, Oy snl a omen ala an aim TR or (OF THESE QUESTIONS “yn Soa ean or een i i yp GT — routsreopth pare ors heaps pet Yee 1 Wo gM maleate rtontitbennoany pad oar ROBE” Yan § WoC] | _ttyes, comptes and atach ced. __ iy complete an tach Sched Vl _ yey an of ape ai Seo ‘ayer aay peat mao arg Im sonar Hinton noble vas ano Yq Gj mo |v Senta? mg Yee GeO compas tach So _ Aye, completa aad aach Schedule Va _ Lid sienilieeareneesdiaiea tics MMO = ae lela ||__lfye compat and stash Schedule W. oe ye, complote and atachSehadaie Bere a aon eee aR ATT Yan 5800 dah repering pera Yes (Mo Bi Each question in this part must be answered and the appropriate ys come nach Som | Scheie stachnator ncn "er respon EXCLUSION OF SPOUSE, DEPENDENT, OR TRUST INFORMATION ~ ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS tS pr ees ig aoa Semmes tne eee “SSS aa ao wo we Exemptions” nave you icin tom the por any ober eet, "neurnd ane, vansocon abs fa wot dependent che “| Somme en we CERTIFICATION — THIS DOCUMENT MUST BE SIGNED BY THE REPORTING INDIVIDUAL AND DATED. ‘Tig nrc Dain Sater i reaovesy he ies Gruen Ade 108 ac enanded. Tha nor lb vant ay massing ponon oom wraor ‘epson rdw reviwod by he Gomme on Saas of Oe Conc is Seages, aay el we kroetoy seawater ‘yao i rapa ay be sotto ce peraes ae canna sancone (ee SUE ane A POLO S ET Sat Lunoame = OTA O GNe Olt Soop | {CERTIFY iat he SCHEDULE I - EARNED INCOME Name Michal N. Ca 5.000. Source [liste source, ype ancl aroun feared income Rom any source (oer tha te Wore [uring the preceding calendar year. For a spouse lit the aource and amount of cay hovosare Type aront employment bythe U5. Goverment Wali $100 oF ae nly te source for cher spouse earned income exceeding I Amount State of Delaware Pension | $38,726.36 Wa = =e Tae moore moo ore dor Income Source Year-End | type ofincome | Amount of income | Transaction SSrtincccnanngtnamnecceetscrpacnpparce, | Value of Asset | ycrctanarcie,, | rartwmmnrines | tsetse ieeieemtetmteee pememrttra [amare | mrucoeary” |enawae | matte Stacetoow | amon ger | acermte ea” |S SADT ee ensue ce aed ee mm ermae fencer tatntesmneati eet =. facut ieoracenta atte ry fecconnes Senmetwsceretentvercawan, | fence snr SeaeeAeesecerceenmes nae gegen sea” | pera Fetntettemccrscercas waserecnceny | Sess ES ‘eae: You gonna itn i tw ta zon ee er Poa aang my tton ae edoe ete see, Snap tate chee eel eerie eau Sinkecweacers yee cen nays atest nan Sateeananart semana ee estas 14 George Steet, Dewey "$500001- | RENT $15,001 $60,000 WA | Beach, BE (Note fr the | $000,000 | | above, gee real oni and = does not refiect expenses) . _ __ 224A Justice Court, | $100,001 - TRENT $5,001 - $15,000 NIA Wiashington, DC (Not: forthe $250,000 | above, gross rental ony and does not eet expenses) _ _ 4566 Parkside Drive $250,001 - TRENT | $5,001 - $15,000 NA Kawah Isiand, SC 3500000 | | _ ‘Regs Vaive Fund $50,001- _DIVIDENDS/CAPT | $6,001 - $16,000 $100.000 | TALGAINS Legg, Mason Capital '$50,001- | NONE Opportunity Fund $100,000 |