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UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2005 | For use by Members, ofcrs, and employees ee Hosni Abt Bonbr Chae wren alana) cee 75 Pgsh Phe Voros,Y <0988 He ——_aaig ins —_— Dapine Fier | NenberatheuS. Sain KY | Ofiaror Emptying Ofice: ‘asa ol ules Fie, | AecaeSeeaniwe See [> Sree be mseaed agaist oe se | Seams, pu ay 8) CI Anendnent |) Tembaton ine PRELIMINARY INFORMATION — ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS i Santenarmenaemeneseal Ys (1 meg] Y eengeeaioants panera Ecce yen compe an tach St __ps Coal a wae tee meraetceegemenremcapeon cmos es, Wo [| Mecca yes, computa atch Schade _ _ iyo compet and tach Schedule Vi Day il cron ae Sih SERA BT ‘Daou eeu sept nce my RPO a out ouch span oe bs meget Yor 5 me | iain mcm poasbomeanen Yon Ho C) orsoae tim oe ert pra” Aen compen un tach Sc Ju op of pe eM ce oe a aye yap are or aT ieecteriuamencemetimseronmt” Yaa) We | Sat Yeo BO (yen compen and stack Schaal W. a ae your spe of ene ah SET 1 u tyes, compat and tach Shad VIR. beeen en ng ep teat ‘You @ No], Each question i this part must be answered and the appropriate ys, complete and stach Sedu V ‘Schedule attached for each "Yes" response. EXCLUSION OF SPOUSE, DEPENDENT, OR TRUST INFORMATION ~ ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS “Trusta- Denis oaring “Guid ind Test approved ty he Coniiee on Standards Of Conduct nd cara other "ecepid| ed rom report etal rencent YO) HOD, ich st beeing ou Your spouse, | Exemptions Have you excded trom this por any otter assets, unearned Income, rancactions, or labios ofa spouse or dependent chi ‘cs thay ment a tiveness fo ekemption? vee) Wow CERTIFICATION — THIS DOCUMENT MUST BE SIGNED BY THE REPORTING INDIVIDUAL AND DATED “Tis Franca Danie Saoment recived ty be tics Gavranan Act a7, as seeded, Tha Salt ibe eae py egnshg pen upon wit ‘Dpleson angio evewnd oy ne Corton Sanda Owl Cando dougne. Ary aca who owe ae wifes, oe Know ed ‘Shy aoe ns apt nny be sect ch pres tern sarsore (See SUSC app 4b sO8eraUSE WON orsign A | sfrofoe ‘SCHEDULE Ill - ASSETS AND "UNEARNED" INCOME Name onsale Abort Beranin Chander, | neetar pry po moos momo OOKE ‘Asset andlor Income Source Year-End | Type of income | Amount of Income | Transaction| Value of Assot | totertanenectine | rorrironma penser” | teeter taxes epesty | eccrmstrasortiow | war pocased xenectrorira | taupe stnconety” | Toutochoowsprete” | reau(aysr TShstonmamos | Was’ ger" | Riera pean” | Recut” imcnenaoacorceneet associate”, | ctw oc ‘ncaa ony bocaure Trevose shouts isgesgaghictocaen,” | theca noua be aannne ‘Toradaitona rtormation see inatracton boearterepring, | “Nore.” = xc: Your prs lent (les tata nan ‘yen owed oor ot spon oy ou ou sponses a, dere oraning any does 609 ra pcs evs eco sy orl en rane dered on US. ‘SSrtonent maaan pena you coon, younay nde at on erasure ‘ri efyorapate 1 Santa esha oy bos, inte opunlcotnr onto ‘ST | Woodford Sun, Ine. Stock $$15,00-$50,000' Dividends | $2501-$5,000 NA _ Versailles, KY Newspaper i | ST | Polly Place Farm, Inc. Stock $100,001 | Dividends 1001-82500 NA 491 Eim St, Versailles, KY $250,000 | } | (200 acre farm) __ _ - aT Lipid Sciences, Inc. Stock $1001-$15,000 | Dividends '"s1-s200 NA ST | JPMorgan stock $1001-$15,000 Dividends $1-$200 NA _ _—__ — tL ICY Public Employees Deferred $60,001- NA NA [NA Compensation Account $100,000 | | KY Retirement Systems 360,001. | Dividends '$2501-85000 NA ‘Account-Fidelity Contra $100,000 | Reinvested SCHEDULE IN~ASSETS AND "UNEARNED" INCOME [7 aus abut bejars Ghent Pose 3017 ‘ i aT Rental Uni, 975 Pisgah Pike, $1,007-818,000 | Rental T'$2,501-$5,000 [NA [Seman aT Commonweath Cred Union, 7001 - $16,000) inorest | s-800 NA Frankfort, KY | | Ky Publi Employees Deferred $16,001- | Dividends $2601-5000, NA | Compensation Account-Gross $50,000 | Reinvestea | | Fund of America _ : = ‘Community Trust Bank T's1s.001- | interest $1-$200 NA | $00.00 | SP Ky Public employees | $18,001 - NA | N NA | Retirement Systems | $80,000 _ JT USEE Bonds $50.001- | Bonds held, not | NA NA $100,000 | cashed