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Drug lessen heart attack injury October 26, 2007 05:55:16 AM PST THURSDAY, Oct.

25 ( Health day news )A type of drug called human atrial nutriuretic peptide (ANP) can lessen cardiac injuries after heart attack and boost patient outcomes, a new study finds. According a Japanese study inn this weeks issue of the lancet, use of the drug reduced the extent of damage heart muscle (infract) and lessened whats known as reperfusion injuries caused when blood rushes back to the heart. The Japanese study included 277 acute heart attack patients who received intravenous ANP for three days and 292 patients who received the same dose of a placebo after a median follow up of 2,7 years, infract size was 15 percent less and left-ventricular ejection fraction ( LVEF ) was 5 percent higher in patients who received ANP,compared to those who were given the placebo.

LVEF is a measurement of the hearts pumping ability. We need to do another large-scale clinical trial to target clinical outcomes such as cardiovascular death, because our primary aim here was to test the reduction of infract size researchers at the National Cardiovascular Centre Suita, in Osaka, said in a statement. Our finding that treatments with ANP in the acute phase reduced the incidence or readmission to hospital for chronic heart failure could help to reduce the physical, medical, and economic burdens on people around the world. They conclude. Imoet,,,