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LEGISLATIVE RESOURCE CENTER 2O0TMAY IS PMG: 49 FORM A Page 1016 For use by Members, officers, and employees UNTED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2006 Emanuel Cleaver, It (Full Name) 8217 E. Gregory Kansas City, MO 64133 2022254698 ive Je THE cab U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Mesoogneres [ Offcer Or Employing Office: ‘A $200 penalty shall Employee be assessed against a i anyone who files Termination Date: more than 30 days late. ‘Member of the U.S. State. MO House of Representative tit sin a0 "id you your spouse, oF 8 dependent chia receiv any aporaiie oA ‘ormore ram any soure in the repring pared? Vt serearina prod ensregntng moe than staat tern Yon Mes, comple an ata cho __ Hyon complete and attach Schodue i ‘Did you, your spouts, oF «dependent cd recsve any eoporable wavel ‘aving\you for speech appearance, oracle nthe reporting paiog? Vi sirburnenuna orton heparin pes fahren Yes yes, complato and attach Schedule I. yes, complete and attach Schodule VI, ‘Di you, oUF spouse, oa dependent chil receive “unearned income of ‘id you held any reporable postions on or Before he dao of Rng inthe mor thn th th repo pr or od any rp abet worth ‘VU. Curent elenda year? ves ‘more than $1.00 athe and of te peau?” ifyes, complate snd attach Schedule ML ‘complete and attach Schedule Vi 00 5 Di you rave any reportable agrerient or arrangement wit an outside % my Yes yes, completo and attach Schedule V. tyos, complete and attach Schedule IX ‘id you, your spouse, ora dependent child have any rporabe ably more than $10,000 during the reporting pesto? Each question in this part must be answered and the appropriate ‘schedule attached for each "Yes" response. ‘Details regarding “Qualified Bind Trusts” approved by the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct and certain other "excepted ‘usts" need not be disclosed. Have you excluded from this report deta of sucn a trust benefiting you, your spouse, or dependent — Yee No] chile? Have you excluded from this raport any other assets, “unearned” Income, transactions o lables of a spouse or dependent child because they moat ll three tasts for exemption? Yee Yj NOL] "This Financial lecosure Statement ie requre by the Gti in Goverment Act of 1978, as amend. The Satement wl be avaliable to any requesting person upon wean _2pplcalion and vl be reviewod bythe Commitee on Siandards of Oficial Conduct or its designee. Ary individual who Krowngly ane willy flies, or who KnoWngly and wéhaty falc fe ts report may be subject to ci penal and cdmial sancions (See 5 U.S.C. app. 4,104 and U.S.C. § 1001. ‘Careaton Spraure or ee inal 1 CERTIFY thatthe statement have made an this form and al attached schedules ‘ate rue, complete are correct to the best of my knowledge an bebe. SCHEDULE | - EARNED INCOME Name Emanuel Cleaver, I Page 201 6 [List the source, type, and amount of earned income from any source (other than the filers current employment by the U.S. Government) totaling $200 or more: [during the preceding calendar year. For a spouse, list the source and amount of any honoraria; list only the source for other spouse earned Income exceeding {s1,000, St. James-Paseo United Methodist Salary $23,946 Church, Kansas City, Missouri Black Methodists for Church Renewal, _| Salary $1,000 Kansas City, Missouri Self Employment, Consulting, Kansas _| Spouse Salary $126,593 City, Missouri KCMO Pension Plan, The Northern Trust Company, F.B.0. KCMO Employees; Kansas City, Missouri Benefit Received from Pension Plan, Per $18,844 Agreement between Emanuel Cleaver and KCMO City Government SCHEDULE Ill - ASSETS AND "UNEARNED" INCOME BLOCKA Asset and/or Income Source ‘dentify (a) each asset held for investment or production of income with a {alr market value exceeding $1,000 at te ond ofthe reporting period, and {) any othor asset of source ctincome which generated more than $200 In "unearned" Income during the year. For rental property or and, provide an address. Provide ful names of any mutual funds. For a self ‘irected IRA (Le, one whore you have the power to select the specific investments) provide Information on each asset Inthe account that ‘oxceeds the reporting threshold and the Income earned forthe account. Foran IRA oF retirement plan that isnot solf-drectod, name the Institution nolaing the account and provide its value at tha ond ofthe reporting poriod. Foran active businoss that i not publicly traded, in lock A state the nature of the business and Its geographic location. For ‘adltional information, see Instruction booklet forthe reporting year. Exclude: Your poreonel reidence(e) (anioe there f rental income); any ‘debt cured to you by your spousa, or By your or your spousd's child, parent, or sibling: any deposit totaling $5,000 or lees In porsonal ‘Sauings accounts; any franclal Intorest In or Income derived from U.S, Government rrement programs, Mou so choose, you may Indicate that an assot or income source is that ‘of your spouse (SP) oF dependent child (OC) ors Jonty hold (JT), In the ‘optional columa on the far lat. Value of Asset ‘at lose of roportng year. Hyou use a Naluatlon mathod ofr than fair markot vale, lease specity tho fnathod used. Han ‘aseot was sold andis ‘Included only because {tls generated incone, the value should be “Wore.” Name Emanuel Cleaver, it Page 3.of 6 Locke Type of income Check all columns that ppt. Check "Wong steel dd not generate any income during te Calendar year, Hothar than ono of te sted ategoria, specify the {ype of meome by wring Sie desertion in tne block (For azample Earner income ot arm income) LOCK Amount of Income For ratiromont plans of ‘accounts that do not llow ‘you to choose specific Investments, you may weito “NAT for income, For all ‘thor assots, Inicato the ‘category of income by ‘checking the appropriate box below. Dividends, oven Itreinvested, should bo Usted as Income, Check "None" Ino income was ‘cared, LOCKE Transaction’ Indicate asset had purchases. (), sales (8), or ‘exchanges () exceeding $4,000 in reporting year. Allianz. Life Insurance Company, 10% BONUS POWERDEX ELITE ANNUITY Allianz Life Insurance Company, Simple Retirement Plan |" st ‘The Cleaver Co., LLC; Grandview, Missouri; The Grandview Auto Wash (Auto q Laundry Business) $100,001 - $250,000 $1,001 - meee $100,001 - $250,000 Other: (Individual Retirement Account) Indivi/Other: $5,001 - $15,000 (individual Retirement $1,001 - $2,500 : | Account) PARTNERSHIP NONE INCOME