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Paramedics Department: Alluring Boholano Beauty STANDS-OUT

By John Michael Manlupig Pitoy, BSN-III

-----000----and sharing Boholano culture is the core feature of every Bol-anon. BITInternational College continues to cultivate the Boholano history by enlivening the unique and flamboyant Bol-anon cultures even in the complexity of the modern time. Traditionally, however, commemorating Boholano culture has been considered part of the extracurricular activities since the inception of the college. -----000-----


Highlighting this years theme: Ipadayon

ang kinaiyang Bol-anon sa pag-asdang sa hagit sa bag-ong panahon, which clearly connotes as the catalyst in bridging primitive Boholano cultures to the present time. The three-day festivity was filled with rediscovery of different Boholano customs, traditions and cultures through the spirit of Bol-anon games, talent search, daily display of native Boholano delicatessen on a native-payag, and the most awaited search for the first Hari ug Rayna sa Tabo 2012, were the said competition was participated by five lovely couples from the different departments. -----000-----

Both the candidates from the Paramedics

Department got the title as the first Hari ug Rayna sa Tabo 2012. Ms. Ivy A. Calamba, a first year B.S. Rad.Tech. student got also minor award: Pinakanindot sa Filipinana and Mr. Gerome L. Banawa, a third year B.S. Rad.Tech. student got also minor awards: Pinkanindot sa Filipinana, and Kalamdik sa Pagpanubag. The epoch-making Paramedics Department spearheaded by the Dean Leah Virginia Balite-Lim stunned the crowd as they smiled and posed on stage as captured by the cameras. Additionally, the students were chased once again for the primordial yet, cheerful Boholano games. The said activity was started on February 9 and was successfully ended on the 11th day. -----000-----