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UNITED STATES SENATE FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT FOR ANNUAL AND TERMINATION REPORTS. CLINTON HILLARY RODHAM 2008 US. SENATE aR TO EE ETC a TS SES 478 RUSSELL OFFICE BLOG. ie a wasriNSToN, Do 20510 eae eaae ay uae earn mat a onan chs Hewat bryingyoutor a ones apoasnra, rl nb roporing para? {¥en Gonell nd atch PART ‘Dy your epausshaveconeincara ep, waaiea a RAVE Inverter ree of more an 820 omy toparabeeuce nthe fepring pero? ites amalee and A8ach PART id yu, ou epee or aparece eTpOT oT Incase ore han 200 nts repering ered otha oy operable Seteath re nth wrt pte? i you your spore. of epoca Sd cova repoTobe Tove Feiturcomorts fr save ne eportng pod i, wor re han {Sos ror an sous ‘vex Comte a teh PART Vt iyo, your pata, o: doen’ id have any parae any (foe pan $1.00) rg eerig pases? \Fres Cll an tach PANT Vi Divehi any epi ponitrs ono are ihe cal eg he rent caundar yur? a {Fen Camilo Atch PART Va Di ye, your sp eperdent ch pwchace, sa or achge Impartial war rare an $1900 ne enoan9 pened? Ife, comelte Ach PART iy, you ce, of operat Gu ana iy apo gH Sapo ay epatiageen eae on aae (Pret Complete na teh PART ‘epuring paid, eoteging mate than S305 an eh ae geno? fie ur RST aout, Oi you cove conporaaan af no an ‘Eto tans gl source mite apr yore ves, Comite te tach PART es Cagle and atch PAST. File this roport and any amendments with the Secretary of the Sena ‘Sonate, Washington, DC 20510. $200 Penalty for fling more than 30 days after due date. “This Financial Decowure Salat requed by he ican Government Aco 978, by te Ofc of be Secretary of he Senate (o any requesting person upon wren appicten ang wl be reviewed by Die Selec Commitee ‘on Ehes. Any ladda! wa knowing and wil flies, wo knowingly and wily fas oe this repo may be eject oc ane ‘inna sanctons. (See SUS. app 6,104 and 18USC. 1001) srended_ The Salar wilbe [nade evelabe Fe aT a (2,204 ‘Office of Puble Records, Room 222, Hart Sonate Office Bulg. US eeoss250324 PARTI EARNED AND NON-INVESTMENT INCOME, 2 Report the source (name and adress), type, and amount of eared income to you trom any source aggregating $200 er more during the reporting period. For your spouse, report the source (name and address) and type of eared income which aggregate $1,000 or more dug the repaftng pened. No amount reeds abe speed fo: yu spose. (Se 3, CONTENTS OF REPORTS Pat Bef nse) Dol repet eae fem empleymen by he overnment fr you oF your spouse Individuals not covered by the Honoraria Ban: Fr you and/or your spouse, report honoraria income recsved which aggregates $200 or more by exact amount, ive the date of, and describe the activity (speech, appearance a article) generating such honoraria payment, Do no! include payments in lau of honoraria reported on Patt =a ieee Paes es = = = = = ss ero rte pane [am a mn = a aren eens =e “lac aac =e ionomers ome eontraas | ea ve Amran caioy tenet [aew vou Somonoies | _steonn 99999239326 HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON PART II. EARNED AND NON-INVESTMENT INCOME a Report the souree (name and adéress), type, and amount of eamed income te you from any source aggregating $200 or more during the reporting period For your spouse, report the source (name and adéress) and ype of earned income which agoregate $1,000 or more during the reporting peed. No ‘amount needs to be specified for your spouse. (See p:3, CONTENTS OF REPORTS Part & of Instructions.) Do not repot income fem erplayment by the US. Government for you or your spouse, Individuals not covered by the Honorarla Ban: Fer you and er your spouse, report honoraria income receved which aggregates $200 or more by exact amount, ive the date of, and describe the activity (speech, appearance o rice) generating such honoraria payment. D9 not nlude payments in lau of honoraria reported on Part Name of Income Source ‘Address (City, State) Type ot Income | Amount Tone [ome Wn ase ar Ease | __ face HE sh agen Eanae ‘ay Barn | Ow 100 7 [Am Sith Contorences(Spou88) Moscow, Russ Speech toriams | $125,000 2 | dooPuti, te. (Spoure) Londen, Onan, Cana Speech tar7ms | _$125000 3 | rtratona Conve fr Business nfomaton (Spouse) Video Conference fem Toronto, Canada Speech tars | $125,000 4 | The Power watin (Spouse) Terento, Canada Spsech tarraos | $360,000 5 |The Power warn (Spouse) (Calgary, Canada Speech torraos | $200,000 6 | Leading Minds (Spouse) Syiriey, Auta ‘Speech iors | $125,000 7 | sewn Federation of Mepottan Chicago (Spouse) hicage speech 10705 | $160,000 «| veo windy city Chapter (Spouse) Chieag, Speech 1070s | $100,000 0 | Jewish Federation o Havpottan Caloage (Spouse) Chicage ‘pecch Hi0ams | s160000 10] Gatden Tree Asso Hanagemant(Spo08e) Now York NY Speech ions | $160,000 +; | Wockiowe Ponaries on beta of Sate of rao Bode =a Sarre |e Development Corporation (Spouse) iy +2] Global ausiness Enterprises (Sp0u88) ‘Aba Drab Speccn iiss | $800,000 “2] Leading Minas (Spouse) Dubal UAE ‘Speech izes | $125,000 “| Hert Burd Media GmbH (Spouse) Maric, Gemany Speech 201s | $300,000