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eeane2 30402 UNITED STATES SENATE FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT FOR ANNUAL AND TERMINATION REPORTS Goleman, Je Norman 8. 2008 United States Senate ee EE 320 Hat Senate Office Bulking Washington, 0.¢,_ 20540 fee cee "AFTER READING THE INSTRUCTIONS - ANSWER EACH OF ESE QUESTIONS AND ATTACH THE RELEVANT PART “se bo let | ee Far ge cen Sr aay SENET Telnaes ipa ates onan a on Ea or gato vee Polayelrassedupenmen once neon at? Zh este Cent 8 meng A x eect ae kane Tai ae aRITR ET ATT Raa ‘rosin ae fc han fs Won yea he i Bat tdoeh en ilu pia, degre ne ey eta ay pares areca Pal Fi yur spe, aspen] A RST PS Not eee nar ten a eager wne ny ome ‘Dea urd ay ao ost be See pole Piss ron ket ct Ba ado it Day yur emer dent cl cre al ce a igh el wark ton tan om we wt SES Iau core se ich PART He Biya a oiba eeae EE SST GTT TS srg, ares nS i Yes oi eh a hn gu psn ba oto ‘er Cotte Hv a Fen Somber tae PART LARS Ader. 0 ya eco cmpaneatn of mae fn Ne Cas a ey ea pena eh EHS , Coby en Pa Each question must be answerdd and the appropriate PART atigohed for each "VES" Tesponse. File this report and any amendroente with tra Secretary ofthe Sante, Offes of Publie Records, Room 212. Hari Senate Offee Bulding US Sonate, Washing 3. DC 20810, $200 Penalty for ting more man 30 days afte die dat, ie Paes Delusion equi by 2 Eien Goneronon AOTTOTE, ae aaa, The SIGH AON Pade ROUS bythe of a suerte Seta ary eqcstng peor sot we geno abe reves fi Sled Semmes netics, Any ial we knot ard wily ae, wna knows oe wily alee he eps may he tinal carctone (See SUS. app 8 tot ane US, 1001) foal ond Ol Cingg —— 5/t]ou SZ Md SLANH 80} be iS e89s9230403 ‘Norman B. Goleman, dr PART Il EARNED AND NON-INVESTMENT INCOME 2 Reporte source (nam and actress, type, se sin of earned increa va you rom aay cour aggregating $200 or mere dung he Yeporting patos Foryour spas pot the source (nama and adres) and yee of earned ncame wren aparegate $00 of her during te repcring pond, No ‘amen abd 0 be specie fr your spovse. (See p.2 CONTENTS OF REPORTS Part af stucions) Do's rapt incom Fon emphoyment by the UES. Goverment your yoo sp, Indbviduats not covered by the Honorarta Ban: For you andor your spousa, report Ponorarla orn rateved which sgeregaine $200 o more by x epsech, appearance a ale) generate cs honoraria pays, Da nt neade ayia of of honoraria opened on Pah ‘dat gv the date of ane actos the sctity ‘ame of income Source ‘Actress (Cty, State) ‘Type income | Amount powwle Tc a a ea ‘Sey Saree | ern 7 | B31 Philip Television (Spouse) Los Angeles, GA Salary 90860230404 aE a hia EP l PARTIIA. PUBLICLY TRADED ASSETS AND UNEARNED INCOME SOURCES | Tat aaa aaa nt of ul nde Aaa voto facets Toned ae ot ncore rareroa ae Sore | epertnecorite name each pay Acted asst Pld by you. yout suse or your ¢ependont cle, (ne p COWTED inEboRTs Pot 8 of erctons) er | odor sins Fossa is Ti) sae evening $000 atte “owe fhe eps pari andr (2h gover one 8200in urea" ene dre reporting pt Fld nth PART lh comple eveteaton of eae pe end al und puts ed patoreip ort ects Themen once, tank account, cepted dquo Bed use, ae pb ated Secbota niente. ‘hom in cmt amy es mk hah of come mount near haa Fl ae ae Sor = ao bees 1-8 ‘ro “unas ssoa onan = a ‘Seopa som Se ea a Era nF Bei Pa ota a Fa ene Saeae sas Sar sao tg HK "ee eaeaT eee a crea ; i Stowe E | US. Bank IRA Rollover (See Atta | 3 HI | Pera ican ean tent te eerie ae won, eee nara, O