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99000250413 UNITED STATES SENATE FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT FOR ANNUAL AND TERMINATION REPORTS rd EEL a EE cotins ‘susan eS United States Senate 481 Dikaen Senate Sig, Wash, OC 20510 | 202.226.2823 a a i ry nail or raration ma 8 orton 1 cay in aut aja yuo a epoch opeuuno, oan be fepaeng ere? [Yen Compl and Aioch PART Dionysus, of dependant ad oa Sy pas amputee fr avin ea See (a, woh more Pan iran Supa and Kinch PART VL AFTER READING THE INSTRUCTIONS - ANSWER EACH (OF THESE GUESTIONS. [ANDVATTAGH THE RELEVANT PART Let x] you oye so ave er SSS, SAS wT RSS ota cement Reese” Irene a mee than $200 he rperng period tal oy eon. i you had any repos pairs en ore ato ng i yeu, eur sou, or dependent ch pcan, ek > achanga ory ‘sn ncaa 09 se eo have ay epost en Iie conn ans Ach PART Mdentity. Valuation of Assets ‘Type and Amount of income: ‘And Unearned income Sources ‘Aa ce a port pti. {Nore or neha $20 haha ote yt ne in lok Cr a em Tis nate greenery eartoeer cms assistant ee et ay ——Ee = Sesandort id, Seo ps CONTENTSOF | ype of ncon ‘Amount of seoet oes es coe 1 ‘ieintacossagsoeee | 4 LS meeesces le lela ie 5 1) sau ee F| lelelalalélslelele Aleck AA Ince onthe Pa lal S/8a}5 (8) 218/318) 4 slelscotdletelalS|ElclEIEISi8) 2 Meh ne mn (al eVarEVE EVs eLeIeleleL | | {al E28) °U lel $l Sle elelel |e co sceptics ahce? |AN=| EF) 2/- 10 ele alelelal | JA) -/ele)"™ [LE ese eTele|el ale] Se incameatemoccrmacicsy {ale elelelatelalelcleietlsieataieey falletslesletatels and qual 8, and publely tre Ble le\sle 2) a) 3a) 2] 2) 3 =|5|#|5[8|216|5| arc quale bn tus, |= |5|8|5|8]5) 8[2) || Spe) 2122 EB Sa z : aa Sa OL ) Rapere ne x % oo [ns tera coOvanesconn Pam || [i Bi i A Fidelity Asset Manager (IRA) x v8 [oss an a a 4 | [EXER TEMTTEST ss matons ttre tig Sa Wyeu radon net vious Fess Ws rear at or xinploncood ne Ralucony piesa deck Doo he GM = Report necessary travel related expentes ftom each source agaregating more than $205 in value during the reporting period recalved by you, your spouse ‘andlor dependent chi in connection with your provision of services ata speaking engagement. fctsnding event, of ether event (personal campaign, or ‘therwise). Disclosure is required regarcies of whather those expenes were reimbursed to the ndvdual or paid dlteety by the sponsoing ciganizatlon. A description othe tinerary, including dates) and the nature of expenses is requred, Ifyou ae rembursed for more than one tp from the ‘same sponsor (andthe trips added together are worth more than $308), then you must report each trp individual, even f the reimbursement fr each, ‘separate trp doesnot equal more than $305. Raport Gifs of rave in Patt V. Exclude: Travel related expenses provided by federal state, D.C, and local governments; or by a fereign goverment; relmbursements from campaign funds which are reported tothe FEC; reimbursements toa spouse of dependent chi totaly independent of hia or her relationship fo your Sra reimbursements reported fo the Office of Public Records pursuant to Senate Rule 36. For further information, see Instructions. Name of income Source Addross of Source Dates and Brief Description 5 Raunatip af Tava am Washngfon D.C To Mahou, 1 and nah Tt Sal ad POURS Ce ee Hriown TX EXAMPLE. | Roma toe fom Meshron OS ea + [are land Gro forthe Are Sanibel FL. Alrtravel rom Roancake, VA to FL Myers, FL. for so fr speaking engagement 2 0 19005, Return ir travel rom Ft. Myecs to Washington, OC fs]