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‘88808250429 UNITED STATES SENATE FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT FOR ANNUAL AND TERMINATION REPORTS. ‘Ei es com emmy seh, S ‘fice of Senator John Comyn ET a ae ESTE {7 Hat Senate Ot Bang | 2022262034 NA i ‘AFTER READING THE INSTRUCTIONS - ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS AND ATTAGH THE RELEVANT PART Taare eso ves [x0 Tee Pereerguichwemmenerstcomvsrccwsrocr —[][ _]] Babutrenstrtmalnee moana ssc, nctmow tan Mer Corp re Ala PART Dieu a jou sain ve oa GSTS ESN EST iain ors han 0 Fem an cane scars be eae si tn apy dor yaa [ves Cag an Ata PART VL otras ga cece aay y Ratccamaczeane x) Xe) I] Bei etapa Ls eS al carew a Sere ee een eee ea Tae] are x1] Renehonasa cree Sr a a 5 Ie (Gi asteat ha oeeront capiman oO seeey esr none x] [| Sas Serer Ian Sor Sn tac PARTE yet mei an ts Pv “7 Esch qliestion must be atowared a lu io appropriate PART attachedifor bach "VES" (eopohes: File this report and any amendments with the Secretary of the Senate, Office of Public Records, Room 232, Hart Senate Office Building, D'S. Senate, Washington, OG 20840. $200 Penalty for Ming he 3 “The Franca Dadam, ponsrwnagesiete onal and coma boxtt v Fe TS Tan aaa Sesto Oo ‘eehesopana nce q Senate John Comyn "Speer sD 450 PART |, PAYMENTS TO PAY CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS IN LIEU OF HONORARIA, 2 Note: Travel oxpenses in excess of $205 relat to actites giving rss to these payments must be reported in Part VI, Reimbursements Report the soures (name an address), date, and amount of any payment fom each source to a chartable organization made in leu of honoraria fo you during the repring period. Identity the activity (speech, article, or appearance), which generated the payment. For furher information, see Inston ‘Speech, Ariel, Date of Payment Name of Source Adress (Cty, Stat) Speech: Arle T amount Some: Tana [x72 Wore WE EXAMPLE “Aries EXAMPLE $500, ‘Pezaes if romand.sane Powe [sen Ao ‘Auction 2000 | scons | sworn rezone Late soon, 1 Auerion 2000 ‘A separate confident report which names the charitable organization eceing such payments must be led ety wt the Select Commitee on Eis, Sener John Cornyn PART Il, EARNED AND NON-INVESTMENT INCOME Report the source (name and address), ype, and amount of eared income to you fom ary eource aggregating $200 or more during the reporting period For your spouse, repot the souree (name and address) and type of earned Income which aggregate $1000 or more dung the reporting period. No ‘amount needs tobe specie for your spouse. (See p.3, CONTENTS OF REPORTS Pat B of Inerucfone.) Do not report Income om employment bythe U.S. Government or you or your spouse Individuals not covered by the Honoraria Ban: For you and or your spouse, report honoraria income received which aggregates $200 or more by exact amount, give the date of, and describe the actly (speech, appearance or article) generating such honoraria payment. Do not include payments in feu of honoraria feported on Pat | Name of Income Source ‘Address (Cty, Stato) ‘Type of income ea 1] Settempioyed consuitant (Spouse) Washington, DC Say (ver 1.000