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Never ts ‘@8e56250437 UNITED STATES SENATE FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT FOR ANNUAL AND TERMINATION REPORTS i Tee od SET Fa aaa ae ag Saco coania aoe Craig Lany E. 2005, ‘Senator Craig a Oa ES a aT CS ae TST To FE Te aaa 'SH-620, US Senate, Washington, DC 20510 | 202/224-2752 AFTER READING THE INSTRUCTIONS - ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONG AND ATTACH THE RELEVANT PART id you, your spose, odoponent cid recave any reporanle Tavel or Dit any dius or xpantzaton make a conatonchacyin aot idan due opantzton ale donaton cay in fa of X | sebum acevtnneepotn ped Ges woman ies, Compl and Atach PART — ¥en Comps a tach PART VL iyo or your spouse Tavs eae ass (og, ane To ana Diyos hae eo mae ele ‘iyo, your pou of dependent cd have any opal aay tepormg peer hve ns oom any oprah es X | free ton $10.00 ang seeing paned? x {Fees Compl and Atacs PART VL te: Sols and Ata PART De yous SNE TOTS RSNA OST heen uri mecspacsoonenease” ||) Streep rtm nro cre ‘ae waren san 9 0 een fe po? 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The TaloTan wlbe nade walaue | _TOROPIOAL EON bythe Olen fhe Sureany ef the Sena an equating person upon wien sppeaton and wibe reviewed ty fe SaecCormee, [_SetetWan oes te ChEtien Ary inhi uno owing a villy atic wo Known an way as toe i ropot may be sues toc ond ee ina ator Gos U8 mp 4 Td eB ol) 2 Sa Sa ee RE CMA = &. TERRY le etm WW = 23 Seema snasaarana & ge a S5 ie f gag TERR Tae TOT ee TERT g b sunt BRR RS? 50438 Lary Craig BLOCKA Identity of Publicly Traded Assets ‘And Uneamed Income Sources Report the complete name of each publicly traded asset held by you, your spous ‘dependent child, (See p.3. CONTENTS OF REPORTS Par B of Instructions) fot praduction o income or investment which (i) hada value excueding §1,000 at he lose ofthe reporting period, andor (2) generated over $200 in “unesrned” Income during the reporting pare. Inoude on this PART IIA a complete publiey traded partnership Interest. excepted Investment funds, bank accounts, excepted and qualified bind ust, and publicly aces assets of retement plan, Valuation of Assets ‘Anche of aporing pes. 11 ore (ores ban $2017 Cracked no or ony sed in Bloc Cfo at he. Ti Mor, ne en 50 ele rene eced or acoso anata or your BLOGKS ‘Type and Amount of Income "Amount of income | “dentiication of each pub bond, mutual fund, $1,000004 -$5,005000 5.000900" $25 600.00, $25,00000% = $50, 900000, [over 32,0000 Tons (es an S800) 151001 $15,000, 515/01 -$50000 $100,004 - $250,000, $280,004 $500,000 3500 001 $7,000 Except ecient Find xcept Tue Qube Bind Tra ‘ver 000 000° tre Cap as eeanpe ce, |___ 2M om ea Te] ss0001- $100.00 ooo ran Recuce| a “oar Spear! Tass nan S007) Ss 600 $5000 5001 616,000, 001 -$2500 515001 - $5000 $50001 $100,000 5500 004 -$1,600008 ‘ve 600 000° 5,500 004 - 35,6000 ‘ve 85000 000 fo) TS eats Fae ‘USSFCU ‘USSFCU IRA (Spouse) Federal Retirement Acct ‘Capitol Hill Invest Club (spouse) [BIEWPTION TEST ee ratios ste rang bryant ay svete med ie esp etic apa eats ees, ewe nck BOKO HL ifr eee pees iy bea we Rebuy a ens epee na tor a tn a ec este 0 LOGKA Identity of Non-Publiely Traded ‘Assots and Uneamed income Sources Report he name, addross (lly, state and description) of each interest ned by you, your spouse, 0” your dependent chia (Sea p 2, ‘CONTENTS OF REPORTS Part 8 of Instructions) fr the production of ineame of Investment in a non-oublie rade or business whieh (4) hail a valve exceeding $1,000 atthe ‘ose ofthe reporting periog andor (2) generated over $200 “unearned” income curing the reporting period Include the above report for each undeying asset, which snot incidental to the trade or business. Publly raded assets nels by non- publ entity may belted on Part IA Ton (rls an 0000 ‘004-15 000 '$18,004- 420000 ] 88000r-sr00.000 ‘Ath dose of reprig pe, BLOCKS Valuation of Assets tN ons han S01, ‘Check tesa, BLooKe ‘Type and Amount of Income Po es tan 217 st ny rede Toon ROEE#e45 pants, woneuBuccy TRADED ASEETe ao UNEARNED CONE SouRCES |" het Thi Type of Income “Amount of Income — $25 00,00 = 45,000006 ‘Over s50 000.000 Diora $800 001 $1,000,900 7,000,001 $5, 000000 500090" $25,000000, 280001 #800000 s10000% -$250.000 other 31000 00, yee ‘hosp vetinon Fond cepted Tre (Gunted Bied Tam Tore ores man 207) $1004 $2500 $5001 $15,000, 51501 $50,000 520.001 - 310000 #100008, ‘Over 1 580.000" ‘copes Ca 32001 $5,000 = $201 $000 1.000007 85000000 ‘Over 5000.00 etal Reauirs specie erampie [oer ee i tr | Undone a Dabo, oe FA [een Retirement Account (epouse) ho} ttt EXEMPTION TEST eho Gate vg ty gu ated ay nt araura mode pate ceri ated ne Rehan poe Once Be recta apes bw sat has hl pena by spo operon ca, We sant tery > ett ear sages San sprint