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NITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES FORM A cata FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2005 | Foruse by Members, oficers, ad employees [ Ean Commings Tahar) aus MAY 22 PH 2:01 _____2014 Macison Avenue Batimore, MO 21217 (410) 685-9199 ey aoe sing hares) = tine Yetestions! —— = fede Ud oa Member ote us. ‘Steie._ND Dicer Or Employing Offee Fier ja rng ‘8 $200 panaly 2h Status |” HousecfRenreseniatves eter oy Emeloyee te aseneood geet “ —— - —— =| anyone wo fies Raper (| ~ 1 “ermiraton bate more than 30 daye pe Jhonual May 15) |) Amendment | Cj Termination int. PRELIMINARY INFORMATION ~ ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS: om amanysasteb be npaig vem mc] v. yes, compte and stich Schade vo @ Wo | Sa OEE” ve wow Seems 7 we @ Neo 7 ve ONG |; = 2 _ | _ tyes complet and atach Snel {meth ig erg pr? ‘Yer @ No C]) Each question in this part must be anewered andthe appropriate ys, complete and atch Schade Schedule attached for each "Yes" reaponse, EXCLUSION OF SPOUSE, DEPENDENT, OR TRUST INFORMATION -- ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS Taser feta ent dace favor ical tem on pone cachs aatontg ea awtea woptoen YC] HOw | Exemptions ave you excuse tam the repo ry char et, "unened fcam,ransacon, oF bis oa epute opener chil | bese thy moet a tren tne or exempt? Yo wow CERTIFICATION ~ THIS DOCUMENT MUST BE SIGNED BY THE REPORTING INDIVIDUAL AND DATED Matin ssc snd Cone sn Sunes Soa anes ‘Myo oo pot may bse ct ars of Ol Conca or designer. Ary sul wo owingy ena why ees cre KOEN ane ron ermalsaretone (Gas USE ap 49 Orand US TOOT, eae iets naan Ape (nape) | S/S) 268 ts ¥ HU ‘SCHEDULE | - EARNED INCOME. Name Elf €, Coneings Pape 2010 [Ustthe source, Wpe, and amount of eared income Wom any sour ober than the We7a carent employment by ha US, Government tiling $00 or ove tthe sour and amount of any honoraria; Hist nly to source for other spouse eared income exceeding luring the preceding calendar your. Fo 1.000. ‘Source Baltimore County, MD Schools ‘Spouse Salary Type [ Amount | $80,000 | ‘SCHEDULE Il - PAYMENTS MADE TO CHARITY IN LIEU OF HONORARIA, Name E¥jah E Cummings lot annonerarum. A separate confidential to lervelope fr vanamiting the Pate ncled in [isthe source, actviy Te, apeach, appearance, of ance), date, and amount of any payrnent made bythe sponsor Ta ies receiving such payrnents must be led ect withthe Committee on Standards of Offical Gonduct. An ch Memb fig package te a charable om aon neu Source ‘Aetvity Dato ‘Amount “Augsburg Evangelical Lutheran Church, | Speech October 80,2005 | $500 Battinore wienore jn - “Triumph Baptist Church Speech Ostober 2, 2008 | $300 Balimore Grace Presbyterian Church ‘Speech October 23. 2005 | $300 Baltimore First Baptist Church of Guiford, Howard November 4, §200 County, MD 2008 Christ United Methodist Church, Baltimore | Speech | November 12, | $500 | 2005 Northside New Era Baptist Church, ‘Speech ‘pti 22, 2008 $2,000 Indianapolis, IN ! Howard University Rankin Chapel Speech December 11, | $700 Washington, OC | 2008 ‘Cambridge, MA NAACP | Speech Mar. 9,208 | $1,200 | otin Wesiey AME Zion Church, Balimore | Speech “Mar. 18,2005 | $300 | Community Baptist Church, Baltimore [Speech Mar. 23,2005 | $400 Lochearn Presbyierian Church, Baltimore [Speech ‘Apr. 18,2005 $200 | Springhetd, 1 NAACP Providence Baptist Church, Baltimore Speech ‘Speech I ‘Apr. 18,2008 | $1,000 ‘Apr. 18,2005 | $200