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Science 14- Chapter 4 Vocabulary Quiz


Directions: In the box provided write the letter than corresponds to the term.

1. Concentrated A. A slippery, bitter-tasting substance that turns red

litmus paper blue and has a pH over 7.

2. Dilute B. A property of substances with a high or low pH

that wear away other substances they contact.

3. Acid C. A substance with a pH of about 7 that has none

of the properties of an acid or a base.

4. Base D. A sour-tasting substance that turns blue litmus

paper red and has a pH of less than 7.

5. Neutral E. An indicator strip that has been treated with a

weak solution of litmus.

6. Indicator F. Any mixture that has a lot of solute per volume of


7. Litmus Paper G. A number that tells you how acidic or basic a

substance is.

8. pH H. Describes a mixture that has very little solute per

volume of solution.

9. pH Scale I. The wearing away of materials by a chemical


10. Neutralization J. A scale from 0-14 that classifies how acidic or

basic substances are.

11. Corrosive K. A substance that changes color in the presence

of an acid or base.

12. Corrosion L. Any precipitation that has a pH lower than 5.6

13. Acid Rain M. The chemical reaction that cancels out acidic and
basic properties when an acid and a base combine.