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HAND DELIVERED LESH. Tee _ Lincoln Diaz-Balart oe - MAY 1S ANIL 29 UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES FORMA oud FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2007___|_For use by Members, officers, and employees {Office Use Only @ Member of the US. DD Officer Or Employing Office: ‘A $200 penalty shall Mido House of Representatives | Employee be assessed against Status District. 21 ae —_——_—- —_ —_— — |] anyone who files ‘Termination Date: more than 30 days Dis you, your spouse, or Gopenden hid focowe any roporabie gin ‘or more tram ony source in hs ropertng perios? You % No [}| Ys thrmperinapenos ies essroetngmere thon sand net eters Yes [] No) IMyes, complete and attach Schedule | _ Wye comploto and attach Schedule VI Baers ‘id any incviuat oF ergaization maka donation to Chay ini Of paying ‘isyou, your spouse, or a dependont chit receive ay reportable travel or L_ you or «apeech, appearance, rate the repertng period? Yee [> No gj sinner erie ion error mama Yes (No {Hyes, complete and attach Schedule i | __Ityes, complete and attach Schedule Vil ‘ia you, your spouse, or = depencent chi recive “unoarod” income of ‘id you hold any reportable postions on or before the da of lng nthe ‘more than $200 nthe reporting porod or hold any reportable eet worth Yes (7j No [-], Vil: currentealondar year? {Ryes, complete and atach Schedule WV. ‘Did you, your spouse, ora dependent child have ony rporabi Tabilty I 1 (mor than $10,000 daring the reporting period? Each question in this part must be answered and the appropriate schedule attached for each "Yes" response. eta regarding “Ovalios Bind Tra approved byte Comite on Standnde of Ocal Conduct and cara othe “excoptnd ‘rusts" need not be disclosed. Have you excluded from this report detalls of such a trust benefiting you, your spouse, or dependent ‘hits? Exemptions Have you excused from this teport any other assets, “unearned” Income, transactions, o lables ofa spouse or dependent child ‘bocause they meet all throe tests for exemption? SCHEDULE | - EARNED INCOME oan eas | List the source, type, and amount of earned income from any source (other than the filer’ current employment by the U.S. Government totaling $200 or more curing the preceding calendar yer. Fora spouse lat the source ancl mount of eny honoree; Bat only he sours for other spouse samned income exceeding Transatlantic Bank, Miami, FL | Spouse Salary NA Bank United FSB, Coral Gables, FL | spouse Salary ce | BLOCK A Bloke Asset and/or Income Source Year-End ‘dently (a) each aset held for investment or production of income with Ass ‘fair market value exceeding $1,000 at the end ofthe reporting period, ee ; ot st clos of oportng {and Its value at the end of the reporting period. For an active business. ‘hat is not publicly traded, state the name ofthe business, the nature of Its activities, and ita goographic location in Block A. For additional Information, see the instruction booklet. ‘ace: Your parurat aiden} unas re ret noon ty Government retirement programs. Ifyou so choose, you may Indicate that an asset or income source that of your spouse (SP) or dependent child (DC) or is joiny held (JT), {in the optional column on the fa lef. BLOCK E Transaction BLOCK D Amount of Income For retirement plans or accounts that do not allow BLOKE Type of Income | Fidelity Puritan Fund ) $1-$1,000 | DIVIDENDS. | $1-$200 | i = SP | AG Edwards & Sons IRA - Van None _—_| DIVIDENDS. | $1-$200 ‘SIE Kampen Equity Trust Select I \ : ! " Growth Fund escent SP; Citibank Savings , $1,001 - $15,000 INTEREST | $1-$200 : I i Se eee eee ESE ee New England Life Insurance "$15,001 - | DIVIDENDS i $2,501-$5,000 | ! | $50,000 User cee ses sna Loe sP Prudential Guaranteed Income | $1,001 - $1,000! INTEREST \ "$201 - $7,000 Fund | 1 pee eee eee eee eee ae age nee a ae sP Oakmark Equity and income | $15,001 - ! DIVIDENDSANTE , $201 - $1,000 d Fund "$50,000 | RESTICAPITAL GAINS.