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IS 1077: IS 1725: IS 2110: IS 2180: IS 2185: IS 2222: IS 2572: IS 2691: IS 3495: IS 3583: IS 3952: IS 4139: IS 4860: IS 5454: IS 5751: IS 6061: IS 6165: IS 7556: 1992 Common burnt clay building bricks 1982 Soil based blocks used in general building construction 1980 Code of practice for in-situ constructions of walls in building with soil-cement. 1988 Heavy Duty burnt clay building bricks 1979 to 1984 Concrete masonry units (Part 1 hollow and solid light weight concrete blocks and part 3 autoclaved cellular aerated concrete blocks bricks. 1991 Burnt clay perforated building bricks 1963 Code of practice for construction of hollow concrete block masonry 1988 Burnt clay facing bricks 1992 Method of test for burnt clay building bricks 1988 Burnt clay paving bricks 1988 Burnt clay hollow bricks for walls and partitions 1989 Calcium silicate bricks 1968 Acid-resistant bricks 1978 Method of sampling of clay building bricks 1984 Specifications for precast concrete copying blocks 1981 Code of practice for construction of floor and roof with joists and filler blocks (flour parts) 1992 Dimensions for special shapes of clay bricks 1988 Burnt clay fly ash building bricks