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Real client scenarios: I have a client, who purchases the product from the vendor, and at the goods

receipt time, he checks only count of the PO, and keeps directly into inventory. Now, when he gets the customer order, he opens that part, tests in-house, and send it to customer for installation. Now, let's say he has purchased that product 8 months back and when he opens that he finds some issue with the part. He has warranty on that part for a year. Now he wants to claim that warranty to the vendor for that part. What are the different options available in SAP. Answer: Two options for you to consider: You can assign vendor warranties through equipment process. Step-1 SPRO -> Plant Maintenance and Customer Service (PM CS) -> Master data in Plant maintenance and Customer Services (PM CS) -> Basic Setting -> Warranties -> Check Warranty Categories -> and Click on "Class Active" Step-2 You can create Equipment Master through Transaction Code IE01 and maintain Vendor/manufacturer warranty dates. For material master: You can follow the following steps : STEP 1:SPRO -> Materials Management -> Purchasing -> Purchase info record -> Maintain inspection Certificate categories -> Create certificate category W description warranty Select relevant check boxes as per your requirement & Save. STEP-2 Maintain info record for material through Transaction Code ME11. ME11 -> General data -> Select Certificate category W (As you defined earlier in configuration) Enter certificate number means warranty number in our terminology Enter Valid to.

If you want enter country of Ctry of origin, Ctry of origin and customer tariff number Save.