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Babylonia Biella, Italy 09/05/98 SET LIST:
1. The Blood Of Vengeance (Intro) 2. Invictus 3. From Chaos To Creation 4. Twilight Of The Gods 5. The Redeemer 6. A Symphony Of Steele 7. Mind,Body,Spirit 8. We Rule The Night 9. In The Arms Of The Dead God/Through Blood And Fire 10. Defiance 11. Guitar solo 12. Victory Is Mine (inc. Drum Solo) 13. I Will Come For You 14. House Of Dust 15. The burning of Rome (cry for Pompe) 16. Veni,Vidi,Vici 17. Outro

Capitol Manheim, Germany 27/09/95 SET LIST:

1.Life among the ruins 2.I wake up screaming 3.Keyboards introduction 4.Last supper