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umes + wire ect = UNITED STATES SENATE FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT _eegnezsese7 FOR ANNUAL AND TERMINATION REPORTS. Domeniei Pete v. 2005 Senator Pete V. Domenici | FS RE SH-328, Washington, DC 20510 (202) 224-8621 ‘id any vial or xpsnzaton mao a donation o ea Fou of yng you fora spoacn, eppearano or ars inthe prt porod? FF¥ee, Compete ant tao PART ‘mturasraris er reve 8 eporng porod (ea mor an Se DX) kee Fe Sota a kins par Teese ais Nae cara Fa og mio oT Dae at etna eho a, aie oR] iy so. degen heve ay opted ay seta ea of moran S00 Fs i iro ian 0 cet apo avas™ Yes, Complete and Attach PART I Ives, Completa and Attach PART VIL rao, tie SS al oe TRAITOR Pear Parent Throne aaraor emer ‘id you hol any repatabepostons on ar belo bo dat of fg tbe = LI] ies! Compete and tach PART vi ey) {ict wort more han $4,000 at ns en of pros? ace ena wat ives, Campsie & teh PART Indore — chs purcoae, ooo exchange. KF) | —] |e you hve any reportable greomenl oraranganent wit an alae £00 te opting peso sea? In, Compl an tach PART LL] ree compli an atach PART IX ‘ie, your spa, o dependent aid rosa any reprae GT cE | ekeima es cxnosopmrewno enna | Seeeeceeese ] Pe crate ae “YES! Fesponse. 7 Flot reper ayaa wht Seray fhe Sarat Meso Publ Reco, Room 22 Hart Senate Ofer Bull, Setar LS ee a onan | Seman | i ee woke marae 2 5/'s/oe & Sessa hen histo a pose Tet Oficial Vas Only Do Net Wits Below This Une 2 TERT TT Syste dina TER DS es sess sa 4 PART Il, EARNED AND NON-INVESTMENT INCOME Bi ~ Report the source (name and address), type, and amount of eared income to you trom any source aggregating $200 or more during the reporting perio. For your spouse, report the souree (name and adress) and type of earned Income which aggregate $1,000 or more during te reporting period, No ‘amount needs to be specified for your spouse. (See p.3, CONTENTS OF REPORTS Part B of Instructions.) Do not repor Income fram employment by te U.S. Government for you or your spouse, Individuals not covered by the Honoratla Ban: Fer you and lor your spouse, report honoraria Income received wich aggregates $200 or more by exact amount, glve the date of, and describe the activity (speech, appearance or article) generating such honoraria payment. Deiat include payments in leu of honoraria reported on Patt Name of Income Source TL ‘Address (City, State) Type oftncome | Amount Taam [Pomme aoe oy Sey Sas [va Ai) aa = Seay Bere |r 0 1 [i= Schoo of Washington (pase) Westingn 06 | Tuoina Fees 2 | Rownen & Lieteld Pobiser, ne ham, Marjane Royay Fees ‘$7007 | I | | Diner OB2*252° | paRTIIA. PUBLICLY TRADED ASSETS AND UNEARNED INCOME SOURCES | 7 BDeKA Books Blocks Idontity of Publicly Traded Assets Valuation of Assats ‘Type and Amount of income ‘And Unoarned Income Souroes Ate doe tropa sti, 1 oer han $200" heat oye edn Bock Repo the compete name ofeach putley hs, Tete meamerannes raced Re ‘Sui tations asset held by you, your spouse, or your i hl, (S08 .8, CONTENTS OF REPORTS Patt 8 of isirietons for ai Production of income oF investment which (() hed value excaodng $1000 at cose ofthe reporting periods ana (@) generated over $200 “unearned” income during the reporing parce Include on tis PART IIA a complete 'dentieaton ofeach public bond, mutual fund, publi traded partnership norest.exzopted Svestmentfands, bank accounts, excoptee ‘and qualified bind trusts, and publely waded seo fa vetroment plan Tau com ae Reais $50.00 pine saa $101 $15,000 '$280001-$500000, Teer Sa $2,501 $5,000 ‘10001-8100 00 Cesta 000,001 -$5,00.000 Sea ‘15.01 Heo, 25 [a rer Fd PNC Bank, Chechng Assoant (ly Formaty Riggs Nafonal Sank 3 | Legg Mason, DC. Value Trust Equity F (2) T] OS: Senate Great Union. Samnge Ht mE Accent (3) e | Leog Mason, OC. RA Vale Trust, Equity F. fo |x ‘ | Leog Mason, OC. RA Mass, Iv. Trust Tagg Nason, DO. RA Value Tat Equi Ss | 7 Leeg Mason, OC. IRA Mass. nv, Trust (©) foal x 8 | Lego Mason, D0. IRA - Columbia TR x1 | 8 | Legg Mason, DO. IRA- Columbia TR x1 (S) a fo] Us Senate Feder Crest Union IRA) fod x i 25 ‘SABE TEST nats ete arg Gad yes cane Lowest ep lr amen abn bdo nen cso 0 Fe ‘hey ser yh smn nl pS ts ede Ye a se Sar Se Ne SSR Sa ao opr