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2008 FINANCIAL CLOSURE STATEMENT svete womoen | HAND DELIVERED TOE SEEFER For 2007 Calendar Year Reporting Period 12 PE 248 5. HoUSE Ur oe necconeNES (toe Use Oni) ‘A 200 penalty shall be assessed ‘against anyone who files more than Wemberol ire US. ‘Slate Gharor Epa Os XE] ere Aersonanes Sate Emplayeo TDid you or your spouse have "earned Tncome (eq. salaries or ‘'e03) of $200 or more from any source inthe reporting period? tyes, complet and attach Schedule | ves[X] No id any naval 6F organization make a donation To charity Daying you for a speech, appearance, or article in the BSE an atch Sede, ve] M4 Each question in this part must be answered and the appropriate schedule attached for each “Yes” response. EXCLUSION OF SPOUSE, DEPENDENT, OR TRUST INFORMATION — ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS ‘TRUSTS —Detals regarding “Qualtied Blind Trusts” approved by the Commitee on standards of Oficial Conduct and cortain other “excepted tusie" need not eg! fa be disclosed, Have you excluded from this report details of such a trust benefing you, your spouse, of dependent chic? EXEMPTION—Have you excluded from this report any other assets, "unearned" income, transac of @ spouse or dependent child because ygag| No they meet all three tests for exemption? SCHEDULE |— EARNED INCOME List the source, type, and amount of eared Income from any source (other than the filers current employment by the U.S. Government) totalling $200 or preceding calendar year. For a spouse, list the source and amount of any honoraria; list only the source for other spouse eared income ‘See examples below. Roads Home “Teams Retirement stem Rods Home “Teany Divideads For payments to charity in lieu of honoraria, use Schedule i. SCHEDULE III—ASSETS AND BLOCK A Asset andlor Income Source Identty (a) each asset held ‘duction of meome with. a ‘dependent end (00) ori oity hela 7 ‘pional cotumn on the ff “UNEARNED” INCOME Indicate value of asset at close of reporting year. if you use @ val method other than fair market value, pleaso specify the method used. Han asset was sold during the reporting year and is included only because it {generatod income, the value should be "Nona." {850,001 - $100,000 $100,001 ~ $250,000 {$500,001 — $1,000,000 ‘$1,000,001 — $5,000,000 ‘$5,000,001 ~ $25,000,000 ‘$25,000,001 ~ $60,000,000 '$250,001 - $600,000 fate any income during alonda yaar. [Specty For Example, Parnershp Income ot Fam nae EXGEPTEDIBLIND TRUST Ctmer Type of Income. i. you may For all other aevels, including all As, purchases (P), sales (S). oF = | exchanges (€) "$100,001 ~ $1,000,000 = $5,000,000 ‘515,001 ~ $50,000 $1,000,001 FF see Ss See net 1st Banc of Padua KY Aaa 0th E.0Cean Viw Av. x|_DIvIDENDS %[_CAPITAL GAINS ‘Raja hoa Weshnent Av Hi Fresh mendew. astq iH Buy ste 4537-4591 “ [a 3004 Entes Viel W. For additional assets and unearned income, use next page.