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UNIIEY STAID SENAIE FINANGIAL VISCLUSURE REPORT FOR ANNUAL AND TERMINATION REPORTS Tarte Fitnone ang Nede ia Sefatg Otis Agaray h When Emiojed Ensign 2006 United States Senate Savas Ose Aaeross Nuroa Svea, Cy, Sa, and TPO pe Nun Gree Res Coss) | Termaon Rapa Pr OR Rgenayin Wich Eppa Termination Gate (amidahy 356 Russell Senate Office Buildng (202) 224-6244 AFTER READING THE INSTRUCTIONS - ANSWER EACH OF THESE. QUESTIONS. AND ATT: aE ne = i PS ae Tage ah 3d any individual or organization make a donetion to chaiy in eu of Did you, your spouse, or dependent child receive any reportable travel or Pid any indvidual or organization make a donation to charity in lieu of feimbursements for travel in the reporting period (i, worth more than, baying you tor a speech, appearance orale nthe repo psa? sements or ray {en Comte ors tanh PART $205 fom ane ou | Tid you or your spouse have earned income, lacs or Ts) O-TaT™ invesinentincome of more than $200 rom any reportable source nine | Pron aout raaseo dependent chi haveaa\eporl ity reporting period? I io hg the if Yes, Complete and Attach PART II. Yes, Complete and Attach PART Vil, Did you, your spouse, oF dependent cid recave uneafnedor vest -syouhold anya _ - income of mare than $200 nthe reporting perio oral any report Disyou ald any repafblepsiton ono before the dete of fing in he asset worth more than $1,000 at the end of the period? alt if Yes, Complete & Attach PART IIA and/or IIB. "Yes, Complete and Attach PART Vill } Did you, your spouse, or dependent cid purchase sel or exchange any Do you have any reportable agreement or arangement wih an oulde ‘epottle eset worth mare than $000 nthe reporting pr? erty? ies, Complete ana tach PART NV. ies; Complete ag tach PART Did you, your spouse, of dependant child TCE any Feponabe Gh isymurtIRSt Repo Duryou aoa a = reporting period (i.e., aggregating more than $305 and not otherwise ‘itis is vour FIRST Report: Did you ive compensation of more the 6.000 from a single source in the two prior years? exempt)? IfYes, Complete and Attach PART X. if Yes, Complete and Attach PART V _ Each gliestion must be answered and the approp! le this report and any amendments with the Secretary of the of Public Records, Room 23 Senate, Washington, DC 20510. $200 Penalty for fi ing more than 30 days after due date. This Financial Disclosure Statement is required by the Ethios in Government Act of 1976, as amended. The statement wil be Made available by the Office of the Secretary of the Senate to any requesting person upon written application and will be reviewed by the Select Committee on Ethics. Any individual who knowingly and willfully falsfies, or who knowingly and wilfully fails to file this report may be subject to civil and criminal sanctions. (See 5 U.S.C. app. 6, 104, and 18 U.S.C. 1001 Cereatan “Signature of Reporting nawaual TOERTIFY thatthe statements) Ihave made on this frm and a! ataced schedules are ive, complete and comect othe best of ny knowledge and bebe, “FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Notte Below this Line s/rs/oz Signature of Review Over, Date (Worth Day, Yoay Tis tho Opiion of he reviewer thar the statements made in thi form ‘a7 in compliance with Tie | ofthe Ethics in Government Act. PART IIIA. PUBLICLY TRADED ASSETS AND UNEARNED INCOME SOURCES BLOGKA BLOCK BLOCK Identity of Publicly Traded Assets Valuation of Assets Type and Amount of Income ‘And Unearned Income Sources At the close of reporting period. If "None (or less than $201)" is Chacked, no other entry is needed in Block C for that item. This Repos the compete name of each publicly Hone, rte includ ioome receved cr acsuesto tre bene ee nail traded asset held by you, your spouse, or your Type of ncome “Amount of Income dependent child, (See p.3, CONTENTS OF a REPORTS Part B of Instructions) for fe i production of income or investment which: : b | | (1) had a value exceeding $1,000 at the 5 a ia Close ofthe reporting period, andor = =| lslglz : omer FI Fy fe g (2) generated over $200 in “unearned” 5 alg/él. leiglé =| fe} OB Ae income during the reporting period. 2). /elelelelalnlelelels =) |2 € gi3\z|8 Include on this PART IIA a complete 2/3/2|3\3/8|8/3)3/2/818 2] x s|ommn2| lelele)ele|/2[8]8 identification ofeach pubic bond, mutual und, | #33) 2/8]3/%1 5") "| 2/3 slelela| ™ 18/8igislels/a|*/el- |e] publily waded partnership interest excepted} 5/7) 2} 7)5)=12/8/a18|Slals| |./8lelels S| a [815 |e] 2 | 2] 2 |B] 3] S| speciion Investment funds, bank accounts, excepted | |= /8/8/8/8/8/5/8] 3/8) S|) _|g\5 ale sl-lelsislelelsielgte and qualified bind trusts, and publely vaded | /®)/g]8/8) 3] 2/6 |= si qelsle/elsela sls lel2ieisiz Be assets ofa retirement plan, 3 ||| 5/8) o| >] 8/8) ole/e|=|5|a|ale 2)" 1212/8) > 18/2 16/5 canoe 18M Corp. (took) [x 3 “| eonne fe [x fe ve ci | ()_Keystone Fund x] Lx ‘Exanpe | X lis E Brame 1| Charles Schwab-Money Market Account x] | le X a “| 72 | Wiiht-Patman Congressional Credit Union al I al ra | ‘Checking/Savings e | i 3 U.S. Senate Federal Credit Union x fi Ls Checking/Savings (office operating acct | i 7 | Bank of America a 3 it Tel Ls Fs Checking/Savings L fe | 5 | Rec Dain Rausher-Siena A. Ensignehia x x re | i {| RBC Dan Rausher- Michael S. Ensign= = ¥ 7 child si 7 | RBC Dain Rausher - Trevor S, Ensign-ohild x x x 8 os Bal lel fe L 5 9 i al ik 10] P F I a EXEMPTION TEST (s9@instutons before marking boy: you omited any assot because I mects the three-part tat for "This category applies only ithe asset Iswas held independent by pouse of dependent cid, ithe se isis ether held by te ler or oly al exemption descived nthe insructons, please checkbox he ight 3@ the other catagories of vale, as appropri BLOCK A Identity of Non-Publicly Traded Assets and Unearned income Sources Report the name, address (city, state and description) of each interest held by you, your ‘spouse, or your dependent child (See p.3, CONTENTS OF REPORTS Part B of Instructions) for the production of income or investment in a non-public trade or business which: (1) had a value exceeding $1,000 at the Close of the reporting period; and/or (2) generated over $200 in “unearned” income during the reporting period. Include the above report for each underlying asset, which is not incidental to the trade or business. Publicly traded assets held by non- public entity may be listed on Part IIIA. 'S. [uP Computer, Wash DO PART IIIB. NON-PUBLICLY TRADI Tone (orless tan $1,001) $1,001 - $16,000 BLOCK B Valuation of Assets At the close of reponting period. I None, or less than $1,008, (Check the fst column, alle elelaletel:lelsie Elle clelelele 2 3 sltllelg eel a) | 218/8/5 1842 3/3|8/8/5)s|e/2le/® BlSlsl5/slélalslels IED ASSETS AND UNEARNED INCOME SOURCES BLOCK ‘Type and Amount of Income I¥-None (or ess than $201) is Checked, no other ent is needed in Block C for that item. This Includes income received or accrued tothe beneft cf the inv ‘Type of Income = e 3! a “| /3| Fy allie] slglgisls ElE |S] tro) FEB el Seals AB aes gla B/S] 2/8ls i} hg Sho] 8181S |B) Amount of Income ‘$100,001 - $1,000,000 ‘$1,000,004 - $5,000,000 Actual [2] moun Reauired| t *Other" 5] Specifies Example: OC. ord | Undeveloped land, Dubuque, fowa 7+ | E&P Partnership, Building and Land Las Vegas, NV Stock/instaliment Sale, J. Ensign &G. Pribyl DVM CHTD, Veterinary Clinic, LV, NV 3 | Note Receivable - Newwberry Home Newberry, CA or dependent child. ithe asset isa so pee) rans bate rrr Dv Hou ce oy ase bao noosa pn ‘ris copay apie ny tie set cho ee depose by ep mption descrted inthe instructions, please check box tothe ight. 72 Nes bythe fer or jolly hel, use the olbercatepois of value, as