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UNITED STATES SENATE FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT ‘89680258650 FOR ANNUAL AND TERMINATION REPORTS as Tee a Faas a a Seam aae Ensign ohn €. 2006: United States Senate 356 Russell Senate Office Bulldng (202) 224-6244 Tene OT Di aryl or xgantzaton make a donation to chest neu pina fou ora speech appearance he porng pt? { {lon Complete ana Aloe PART i ou. your paste, or dependent chi eco reroute raat poring paid (ie wart mor than Sos tom one scies Ie, Canales and Ath PART VI Did yu your pine Vave ered oan estas ess) SOT Trvcamert cus eh mare tan $200 om a fepotebie our he Feporg poroa? Ife, complete and tach PRET ‘id you, your spouse or dependent cla have sy epaabe bly {enor tian $10,000) dug te reporting pers? ‘id ou, our boven, ependent id ecove waariedo Hveainane Wee, Complete an Atach PART VL Reo of rvs han 8800 ne roporng pared or es any reportable. ‘sce woth more tan 6.000 at hon of pai? ives, Ganglte & ach PART 1 dor ‘i you aid ary report pollons ono Beto ho dating nthe faent eaenda yea IFYen, Colts bod tach PART i you, your afcure,o dependant chil puchass sal oc change any Feporatl ae worh more ten $000 Fhe eprtingpesoa? (Pes: Cente ang tach PART ) | aos ave any renorabl apreem eu FP¥ee, Complete ae Ach PART 9. id ou, ou spouse, dependent hi cae ay vprabla GAH Fenertng ptod ga. aggregating mor than $305 ond nel cbse, ‘cont Ita our FIRST Renan: Od you cave eampansaton a rere tan $80 om ang sous nth uo to yous? "Yes, Complate an Atach PART File this ropor ‘minal sanctone, See § U.S.C. gop. 8, 104, and 18 U.S.C. 1001, rt and any amendments with the Secretary of the Senato, Office of Public Records, Sonate, Washington, DC 20510. $200 Penalty for fling more than 20 days after due date. “This Fnencal iscosure Satement required by the ice n Goverment Act of 1975, os arendes_ The siatoment wil be nade avalane bythe Ofce ofthe Soceary ofthe Sena fo any requesting perean upon writen spplicalen an wl be reviewed by the OF Efi, Any incivdval who koowingly and wilful flees or wo Knowingly and wily fall ofl this report may be subjoct oc ane 200m 232, Hart Sonate Office Building, U.S. FORGE SENT onsen ct Commitee eee ei TTT o/i(/[% Tabs Gana area Tat eves FE a Sr TE Gaas02508S3 | PARTIIA, PUBLICLY TRADED ASSETS AND UNEARNED INCOME SOURCES ‘aLOGKA Blocks ontty of Publicly Traded Assets ‘Type and Amount of Income ‘And Unezrned Income Sources ipacces crests pat Nona (eg na 21) «Che, ote ey eden Ble that eT Reporte complete name ofeach publicly ‘ee rasan 901 inci ona obs Samosa teat athe ra, ‘waded assel Net by you, your spouse, oF Your Senet rn income” 5 Seeonet chi (00 9 CONTENTS OF Type ott ‘enon ot nce ReponTS Pars of easton) 7 a7 a fous sce ries which : A ih Radu vale excoedng 31000 ano E | ae the repong sera enor 2) gerade $000 neneame asda eprig pare. inoue ne RTH cont 'Snesten of een pute bona atu! ur bly tases stoersp iret excepted [Rvesnat ance bn scour xed Should bind a, ond pubic Wesed Steebcte tronae pion. Fa a on. no Kaan 7 [ chaves Schwab Money Markt Account 7 | WraktPaiman Congressional crea Uren | 2 CheckingSavngs Ee GUS. Senate Feaera creat Uren x : Checking Savings fice operating acc) . | Bankotamerca : ‘chook 6 RBC Dain Rausher- Sine A Ensign E 6 A '.001-315,00 25000-8560, 009 ‘er 200 000" "860001 - £25, 000000 vs $50 6000 '2501- $5000, $15:01- $59.00 x ss0.00- 100090 Bie ent ‘ental ane ‘exept Tra x S201 $1000 6 | REC Dain Rausher-ichae!S. Ensign RBC Dain Rausher- Trevor. Ension | a "EQUPTION Tes ge rar tern bay Wood ay ee aca tm rept ne eran deastas Satay apr ny He me snore nse aes He esr cone ee Shas ray te i es acs veo ert, f syoo/2006 12:12 |] YOUR INFORMATION || estat Acoune | Hi 99098258552 RBC ACCOUNT STATEMENT ING) Dain Rauscher 2005 ANNUAL STATEMENT me tte RBC anne ACCOUNT VALUE SUMMARY DEEORAK LARA cUST se Ta SIENA ANTONETTE ENSIGN to aa 7H taht NVUNETRE To IaiNoRS Aer Boxe be _ YOUR PREMIER CLIENT MESSAGE BOARD Your asa aman use ended 9 eter 10 ea dnd jor ‘mre a a ge The nema sf il om reprise sev oe rh ABC Das Race, tm 2905. Honest fr sh pp oa pepo, plete fe ea fm Smary thle mal ou fry 3 3008, ca eps sico.019 * ~ gnas oss 94 roo Fae op aRe re WO: weedetme.som | Branch Director bin Withee, Teepe D993 370 wr SO IMS | Complex Directo Wikeron | Tebplane: 0) 99-00 or OTT 5246