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UNITED STATES SENATE FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT FOR ANNUAL AND TERMINATION REPORTS na iweto 205 Us. senate SRSTOA, Washinton, 0620810 (2oa)aneaans — AETER READING THE INSTRUCTIONS - ANSWER EACH OF THESE GUESTIONS AND ATTACH THE RELEVANT PART Tres [10 Los He a iy K]| webeeeetitar te pons eee. wow now Ban x ary — a | ie Soop dae aR Regie one eowemeommearie” [ye] [| coramegmcermmerreegremenion Te Se js a= STO TTS DESTT RT rape ne en betta way ae ives Congut& ats PART CA ar UX) L_]] emerson x 3d you yo pono epee ch proc, al EGE Wy al seat worh mae han 300 te etn Seiee? Di ou yout pee, or depart reported soppy aye Fave ay patie aaron os arageren wih ay ae ent Ie compte and Atach PART Paina FAST Ret 08 uremn gemnencmen ton) ] ES Fal iegeuece Each question must be answered and the appropriate PART attached for each "YES" response, le Bis eparand any anendments wih te Seersary ofthe Senate, Ofice of Public Records, Room 22, Ha Sanat Ofen Saling US Senate, Washington, B6 2080, $200 Penaly fer fling more than 30 day a Sue sts Tis hare! Dicaore Selon honey bu Eh GretnaT ALTE sea Te Toa OTS Ta aS | REET bre otc! Soceay be uae oan earn pavcn on wen pees tbe evenssoy ne seceonmes | Seeaaaa | chemin Ary msl rc noingysnseay Stes me cv nies as wee fee ma esas Sinn es USS meek aa USE » || [x Sa TETRA foswy SI AYR 90 PART I. EARNED AND NON-INVESTMENT INCOME Report the source (ame and adress), ype, and amount of eedincome fo you fom an S0Wes Sas {$200 or more during the reporting peri. Sear ee, apo thesouco (name and adres) and type of eared income which aggre 5) i ‘daring the reporting petiod. No For your spous, po your spouse, (See 3, CONTENTS OF REPORTS Part of Instructions) Do nelrepor income from employment by the U'S. Government fr you or your spouse. Individuals not covered by the Honoraria Ban Indias ot pause repo ranerara income recaved which agregaas $200 of mame Soest TT a the date of, and describe the activity oe a tance erase gnerang such hanearia payment, Donatinla payments bey ol ToneT8 Teported on Part —— Name of income Source ‘arose (6, State) Type otincome | Amount = = Teme ia Say eee | rea coon ens See [or [7 [Black Hills Corporation .0. Box 1400, Rapid City, SD 5709 Ratrenent $12,000 2 [Hayes & Associates (Sp0086) aOR Cra rine Rood-290 Metomvazeot | Sal over $1900 2 [Pin Wye, LLG (Spouse) 7905 olve Drive, Cheyenne, WY €2007 eany over s4000 2 | a ° ft [ | g g a —— —— 1 BLOCKA \dentty o Pubtely Traded Assets ‘And Unearned Income Sources Ropar the complete name of each pubicly ‘dependant chic, (Seep 3) CONTENTS OF IREPORTS Par 8 of nintons) for Production of income 6: Investment ann (i) eda valle exoseding $000 at the Valuation of Assets traded asec hala oy You, yout spouse, oF your ‘Type and Amount o Income ny 20) Chat no ct We Non rs “Amount of ncome Tipe otic ‘rh gy oa he ha penny be poss 3 3 3 to lone the reprsng peta ond alelé i =| gl | Att Glgnmndonrsash ames — 1 slel2l, 2 Bl e] | Jom |g |, |8 income srg the “eporing prod : zl f £118] -|aocim Incite on the PART IA a complete 2) 5) 8llaisleielialele HalElead] stale S)blg|g|"s Ientcabon eax puticbon ral ts, |g) 2191818 /8| =|) 2) 2] 13 2) Sim ala) S18 SB elcome, pub ed panne treat excopes 1812 12| | 2)2] 118] 515/818 « 7 a8) {lelals\oos Sremricaemeemceme, | Hale OR ESRI IEAIEEML URSIEIE IERIE and qualified blind trusts, and publidy traded J §| © gz gleisl8|alale El ela Blelg Elalslal seauntiedtted rem 2}5|3|8|5|8/8|8] ata] 8|2iale]2|8|s|ala} — |8|a|z|a 2[8|5/8) umpc |e. a z ei i [5 reir z 1 x er 2[ | 1a)casn x | |__| 10) Brandywine Advisors a ij [| 10) Debt stratgies G |__| 1a) Frenkn Agressive Growth a |_| 1) Frenkin Gap Growth gi |_| Frankin Convertible G | | Js) Frankin Sman Cap Growth 5 1h) Franklin Technology: ie fof | 19 Keyeors g Er ae sis cy eer npenaay by he pase © pede ite sc! ene tar bey he i ory Pa ue be te cote ha, O