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Quiz show- concurso de preguntas question about a theme.

its a show on TV where someone ask you

Game show-concurso de juegos

its a show on TV where you have to play to pass

to the other level.

Talent show-programa de talentos best talent.

its a show on TV where you must show your

Reality show- espectaculo lives in the same area.

its a show on TV where people and celebrities

Cookery programme-programa de cocina.

Its a programme on TV where a professional

cooker teaches you how make meals.

Helena Font
Sports programme- programa de deportes

its a programme on TV where the presenter

talk about the news about sports.

Childrens programme- programa para nios

its programme where there are shows,

quizzes and cartoons for little children.

Documentary- documental

its a programme on TV where they show you

how the life of the animals is.

News- noticias

its a programme on TV where the new news

are always explained.

TV series- series de television

they are lots of programmes not only one.

These are programmes that are supposed to be like real lives.

a set of television

Groadcasts on the same subject or using the same characters but in different situations. Soap Opera- culebron its a kind of TV series, but TV series can be

funny, and Soap Operas not always are these kinds of programmes. Soap Operas are more like

a group of people that are having problems and problems all the time. Comedy programe- comedia its a TV programme that makes you


Helena Font
Cartoon- dibujos animados

cartoons are more for children but there are some

cartoons for big people too. Cartoons are drawings in movement, that talk.

Chat show- programa de entrevistas

its a programme on TV where someone ask

you questions about your live, normally are celebrities.

Advertisement: anuncio something. Film- pelicula

tv programme where they try to sell

its a story like in TV series but all together,

without stopping.

Drama : drama

tv programme that make people crying