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FORMA Page 108 For use by Members, officers, and employees UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2007 630-208-1480 ~ (Baye Telophone) George Wiliam (Bil) Foster ‘Full Nae) ‘Member of the U.S. Employing Office: u State: IL House of Representatives eu District: 14 Officer Or — | employes Al “Termination Date: ‘more than 30 days ‘iyo or your spats have “esmind income eg, saris or ees TIO Did you, your spouse ora dependant GW wcive any porn git treo any soures nthe rporing pra? ‘You [) Wo ji] Mt Remptinpeaeie. ema mor an S86 tnd ote Yew) No IHyoe, completa and attach Schedule Fe camguta nd ch Stati Bid yow. dependent ci receive any reportable wave Vi. cretibursomens fortieth reporsngpeod(worhmeretan Yes [] No a ee ee “