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Quiz show- A game or competition in which answer question- concurso

Game show- a television programme where people score points by answering questions or doing things- programa de juegos

Talent show- is a show on a people go and a natural ability that are good at, without being taught- concurso de talentos

Reality show- is a programme where there is a cam recording 24 hours to people-programa de la realidad

Cookery programmer- is a show where they prepare and cook food-programa de cocina

Sport programmer- is a show, a game, a competiton or a activity- programa de deportes

Childrens programmer- is a programme for the childrens-programa para nios

Documentary- a film, television or radio programme thet gives fact and information about diferent sujects documentaries- documental

News- information or reports about recent events- noticies

Soap opera- a srie of television ao radio programmes about the lives and problems of a particular group of characters. The series continues over a long period- culebrones

TV series- a set of television Groadcast an the same subject or using the same characters but in different situations- serie

Cartoon- is a programme for childrens-programa para nios

Comedy- film, play or book which is intentionally funny either in its actions-

Chat show- an informal television or radio programme on which famous people are asked questions about themselves amd their work-programa de entrevista

Film- a serie of moving pictures, usually shown in a cinema or on television and often telling a story- pelcula