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Hymn to Labor

By: Jose Protacio Rizal

Now the East with the light is reddening To our fields and task we fare; By our faithful work sustaining Life and home and country there. Though the Earth be hard and stubborn, And the sun unpitying glow, For our country and children, Love and easy way will show. Chorus: Our country forever! May this our cry. For thy sake to live: For thy sake to die. Go then joyous to your labor, While the wife awaits you here, With the children from her learning To hold truth and country dear When night bring you weary homeward, Peace and joy will banish care; But if fate unkindly treats you, Love your dreary task will share.

Chorus: Hail to labor! Blessed it! For it brings our country wealth; May we ever hold it sacred Tis our countrys life and health If the youth would win our favor By this world should faith be shown: Only he who toils and struggles Will support and keep his own

Show me then the way to labor, Guide our careless, wandering feet, So that when our country needs us We your work may complete. And the old men will call us Children worthy of their sire, For the dead are honoured chiefly By their sons when worth inspires For thy sake to live For thy sake to die

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