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India Emerging-Sasken Communication Technology

Economic Times dated 8 July 2011

1 Company Info

Sasken provides services, solutions and technologies to customers across the telecom value chain. Their main customers are large network equipment, semiconductor manufacturers supplying to telecom market, wireless termi- nal product vendors and test and measurement equipment providers, world- wide.According to Business Today survey, Sasken was ranked the second best company to work for in 2005 and the first best in 2004.It is currently one of the best companies considering the age of wireless technologies and need for energy efficient devices.

2 Origin and Founder

Sasken began a brain child of its CEO and Chairman Mr. Rajiv Mody along with two co-founders.Sasken began into being as Silicon Automation Sys- tems(SAS) in 1989 in a warehouse in Fremont, California.The name ’Sasken’ is an amalgation of its original name and scottish word for knowledge. Two years later Mody returned to India and the company grew into one of the first few India based firms to offer IP Driven solutions in wireless and telecom.One of the reasons for Mody to become an entrepreneur was to be his own boss and not limited financially, living from paycheck to paycheck.Within 2 months of starting the company he was introduced to Nortel Networks who remained thir customers for 18 years which was a big gain for them.One of the major boost was Dr.G Venkatesh and Dr.S D Sherlekarof IIT Bombay to leaving


the institution and joining a start up.

fact that during downturn salaries were decreased by 20 percent and peo-

ple accepted.Rajiv initially worked with AMD, Seattle Tech Inc. and VSLI Technology Inc.

Mody’s leadership is seen from the

3 Advise by Rajiv

Follow your dream, be your own benchmark.Look out once in a while but do not get deterred by others.Do not look for instant gratification, It takes a long time for a olant to grow into a tree.

4 Advise by Charlie Munger

If I have seen a little farther than other men, it is because I stood on the shoulders of giants.