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UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES fom A 2008 FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT Foc use by Members officers, and employees For 2007 Calendar Year Reporting Period Goode, Tee. (Fo Name) ‘A $200 penalty shall be assessed ‘against anyone who files more than T Did you or your spouse haves Tees) of $200 or more from ary £01 paying you for a speech, appearance, or article in the ing period? ‘Complete and attach Schedule Il, ident chid have ary reportable Each question in this part must be answered and the thyee, complete ond otach Sehesuie Ne appropriate schedule attached for each “Yes” response. ‘TRUSTS—Detals regarding “Qual bo disclosed, Have you excluded EXEMPTION—Have you excluded ftom this report any other assets, “unearned! income, transact they meat all three tests for exematon? SCHEDULE III—ASSETS AND “UNEARNED” INCOME BLOCK A BLOCK B LOOK & BLOCK D BLOCK E Asset and/or income Source Value of Asset Type of Income Amount of Income [Transaction| lndicate the rent pans oF accounts hat do spot ves | asst hod tray wit Ni for noo cher asvets, inauding a IRAs, | Purchases (P) ihante the category of rome. by Checking tho approprate bor below Dividends and interest even if rein: | exchanges (E) Nested should be listed ae Income, Indicate value of asset at close of reporting year If you use a valuation method other than fair market value, please specify the method used. fan asset was sold during the reporting year and Is included only because it ‘Check "None" if nc income was recaived. | %C°S9I°9 generated income, the value should be $10001n "None” teporing year. ee ] ony sjefefofelelolm] jaja fe | BP fal ety ool of pn tan : | asset 20h é please nd : || sett i {| (S) 9a | i \ | seo ton als 5 3 | : examole, alg g a | : i Ei : 3 ; e FEEL ang gal ff alzial’ sia 8. gaia) ie asl isl jpiélgl ae Sjayale)"4/2)zle cg Beglig) (glee) &2 gleja) i) als al #| 5] 8} 8] 8 gel ZelSlsjpjElsl Se | el4)-jalalg 3/8) 2 3 18s) gg Be gaiscielsis] £8 | 8 tal8)8)8)2/g/s) 21s 2) 3 a| | 8) 3] i] 5) a] 8)elE)3)a 68 [3l5/ 8] 5/313) Bal S| * ie] ene Ser Se ~ x Te seaaea x C oc,|ssamaee| [Sano 8 Sen inti T tt yates x xe un {si Bank ot Paducah, 10 Accounis x el x” aReres wyth of fice B b Ls r e S SS Ea x I fot'and office a3 5.3m } st, Rocky Mount, x Valine rout 3 lets Rockler} | } 1 Fie} fey aor | | Xx | | interest with sister 1 Pits Shes Ait Keceywavel |_| 1 X| interest wit sisede 40 es in Henn PD om bined checkin, a0"7g> Som Pass Bie, Roe lay Hee, DB I For additional assets and unearned Income, use next page. SCHEDULE Ill—ASSETS AND “UNEARNED” INCOME Continuation Sheet (if needed) ae Vr jl #. Goode TQ \oose 2 aE | BLOCK A BLOCK 8 alock BLOCK D BLOCK E Asset and/or Income Source Year-End Type Amount of income —_ Transaction Value of Asset of Income cjolelrleyx Wiyvapuny x] x | 2 alelé eal }{ 3/8)8! ol2| 8s i : sae ig aj ages dlalalalala aig] 22 ae aisle BELELL 313) & al ale i SP | Altcia cam. séon x t a SPL Amato com. stock xl { aie SaaTeast o om, Stock Z | | Ox _| Cardinal cont. stock | {Tt [account| % [enaaet Mt he Be Fo pe neg #2 seal [ese Wachovia [Wachovia cov Stock STE x TTT Fe eases gon Stay i Lt a sp valdelzd aVorut Tee eeu anne an ATT demmen Stock —lleste hacen om 321 KET TT Scotty Singtel 7 iP Sun Tiust EAB Gash ressional Fed Cri Un Tf pebial Tif fu Pon van Elec com. tal Com. use I |DE4- Medra Com St TExxon Com, St. x cer Pe ‘This page may be copied if more space is required.