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McDonald's Corporation is the world's leading food service organization. Started out as a small drive-through in 1948 by two brothers, Dick and Mac McDonald. In 1961 Kroc bought out the McDonald brothers. By 1967 McDonalds expanded its operations to countries outside the U.S.A. (today worldwide, over 31000 restaurants) In addition, McDonald's opens a new restaurant every three hours. Big Mac, the world's most sold hamburger was developed by Jim Delligutti in 1967 to feed construction workers.


We serve people with good quality food, fast and at low cost. McDonald's vision is to dominate the global foodservice industry. Global dominance means setting the performance standard for customer satisfaction and increases market share and profitability through successfully implementing our convenience, value and execution strategies.





Direct Competitors
Direct competitors refers to firms producing the same products or services as McDonald's does. Big Competitors Burger King- It operates a total of 9644 restaurants in 110 countries. Wendy's- It operates 6776 restaurants in 32 countries Hardee's- operates 3080 restaurants in 20 countries

Indirect Competitors
Indirect refers to firms producing one or two products that compete with McDonald's products and therefore be a threat to the company. Big Competitors Henry J. Beans-It is also known as Hank's. offers hamburgers and fries on its menu. Targets middle to upper class customers. T.G.I. Friday- It also competes with McDonald's by offering hamburgers and fries K. F. C. Popeye'sBoth compete with McDonald's by offering chicken nuggets and fries

TQM Performance objectives

Speed Cost Quality Dependability Flexibility

Total Quality Management

McDonalds also practice the strategy of total quality management and tries to enhance its efficiency & affectivity level by working in different areas such as Product Quality-McDonalds works a lot in the quality improvement of
its goods by improving ingredients and nutrients of the food stuff.

Training -In the next step of TQM, McDonalds puts it attention on its
human resources. The objective of training their human resources is to create a balance in the overall working of employees. Thus they try to create a connection between the quality of a product and the ability of the employees.

Continuous Improvement-The quality management strategies

of McDonalds for product quality improvement and employee training and development put the company on the road of continuous improvement in all its functions. Continuous improvements fulfill the needs of the customers according to their desires or requirements and also make its products more competitive.

Customer Satisfaction-. The improved quality standards, well trained employees and a continuous learning desire of McDonalds results in increased level of satisfaction of the customers. Like when the quality is improved and the personnel attending the customers is well trained and the overall service environment is improved then there is no room left for customer dis-satisfaction.

Operations Management in McDonalds

Operation management strategies being implemented by McDonalds:
Goods & Service Design Quality Location Selection Layout Design Human Resource Supply Chain Management Maintenance

How is implemented the Quality System

Quality is the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs . Quality Service
The Employees The Food The Restaurant

Quality Control

How is implemented the Quality System ? 1/4

The Employees
Are at work on time , are neatly dressed , and are clean Must make sure that the customers constantly receive safe food , which implies that the employees must wash their hands often to remain clean Must follow certain Standard Operational Procedures , so the customers always receive exceptional quality and service (like using gloves) Employees rely on teamwork and high energy to get the job done Keep the smile up when serving

How is implemented the Quality System ? 2/4

The Food
Meat and fries have to be properly fried Vegetables are thoroughly washed when used in the food

How is implemented the Quality System ? 3/4

The Restaurant
Should be clean Have to be tidy , sparkling and spotlessly clean Food delivers fast, accurate and friendly service

How is implemented the Quality System ? 4/4

Quality Control McDonald's pledge to its customers Quality, Service & Cleanliness (QSC) is our Pledge: QSC represents McDonald's 100% commitment, thatof its employees & suppliers to deliver the best & safest quality to its 47 million customers visiting over 30,000 stores in 121 countries around the world. McDonald's thrives on customers feedback to continuously improve quality & service. Quality at the Source : some of which reach to over 40 years encouraging an ever- higher industry standards. Continuous Training : offer training to McDonald's staff as well as suppliers' staff. Stay in Touch With Scientific Development : maintain close ties with the members of the scientific community on food safety & quality to stay abreast of new developments.

Quality, Service, Cleanliness & Value, (QSC&V) , are 4 elements that summarize MD pledge to all our customers. Our commitment to QSC&V represents the quality of our products, employees, suppliers, systems and processes throughout the supply chain. Systems and processes are only part of the quality equation, and dedicated people are the key . Around the world, McDonalds knows how its products are handled and prepared. McDonalds employees are trained to prepare and present meals according to very specific procedures that are strictly enforced. For example, a ten-minute holding time for sandwiches ensures maximum quality and freshness to each customer. McDonalds even designs our restaurants to meet the ultimate in hygiene specifications , including hand-washing procedures. In addition, the staff is also trained to maintain the right procedures, food quality and safety, especially in the preparation and handling of raw and cooked products.