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Well logging: Archie's law relates the in-situ electrical conductivity of a sedimentary rock to its porosity and brine


Here, denotes the porosity, the electrical conductivity of the fluid saturated rock represents the electrical conductivity of the brine is the brine saturation m is the cementation exponent of the rock (usually in the range 1.82.0) The cementation exponent models how much the pore network increases the resistivity n is the saturation exponent (usually close to 2) The saturation exponent models the dependency on the presence of nonconductive fluid (hydrocarbons) in the pore-space a is the tortuosity factor It is meant to correct for variation in compaction, pore structure and grain size Tortuosity is commonly used to describe diffusion in porous media Diffusion describes the spread of particles through random motion from regions of higher concentration to regions of lower concentration.