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@66002 26936 UNITED STATES SENATE FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT FOR ANNUAL AND TERMINATION REPORTS. Hagel | charles 7 2005 United States Senate SS a TST aS HSE a 248 Ruscel Bulking, Washington DC. | eae 202-224.4224 ‘AFTER READING THE INSTRUCTIONS - ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS AND ATTACH THE RELEVANT PART —Le tet “Les Le Did any individual or orgsnization make a donation to cherity in lew of ‘Did you, your spouse, or dependent child recehve Sammie sper oa een a, ee teeta i ma Te enganar Fee ear Pele Fo ams eras mae pane 1 youl ay report patos on orb te dace Man sromoeinan St oa ee fe pad? a al oan ‘Yes, Complete & Attach PART ll andlor is. — | # Yes, Compete en Se SeeeeeeseeeeEee eee eeeeeeeeeeee Ce ce eee axe re XM Hache ahian ant DC) LD] ree enna er a eT TOR TONES Pee nen erng—_ 0s Reis aa ic ST Reno cop ee s aan L_] Dxl) Reesirmos nace OI Ion Compl na atach PARTY. Each question must be answered and the appropriate PART attached for each “VES” response. File this report and any amendments with the Secretary of the Senate, Office of Public Records, Room 282, Hart Senate Office Building, US. Senate, Washington, DC 20510. $200 Penalty for fling more than 30 days after duo date. “Mis Fnencil Disclosure Staten equi by he Etics n Government Act o 1976, as amended. The salementwilbe made SIRO by the Offce of the Secretary a the Senate fo ay requesting person upon writen applcston and wi be reviewed bythe Solost Commie ‘on Eties. Any indvidval wh knowingly and wily asifes, or who knowingly and wilful fist ie tis report may De subject to cil and smal sneone (So SUS C28 8,104 2nd 18 USC. 100 Fea -_ hs ra Teno Te Sante ota OTe sehr le 2hezind SI ATW Fan RReSS Hagel; Charles. PART |. PAYMENTS TO PAY CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS IN LIEU OF HONORARIA 1 Report the souree (name end address), date, and amount of any payment from each source to a chetable organization made in ieu of honoraria to you ‘during the reporting period. Ident the actviy (speech, aici, or appearance), which generated the payment. For further infomation, see Intrusions. Note: Travel expanses in excess of $905 related to activities giving rise to these payments must be reported in Part Vi, Reimbursements, ‘Speach, Article, Date of Payment lame of Source Address (City, Stat) Article, | Amount 7 (city, State) ‘orAppearance | Amount Fone [Rear ane asa wen 08 EXAMPLE SS Tae [v2 Negeare a EXAMPLE ‘ale EXAMPLE [#200 +10ar005 | lowa state University ‘amas, tk ‘Speech $2,000 7 4 ‘A separate, confidential report which names the charitable organization receiving such payments must be fad racy with he Se c+ Commitee on Ethics. Ten eeNO2=°22 | PARTING, PUBLICLY TRADED ASSETS AND UNEARNED NGONE SouRGES [7S ‘And Unearned income Sources, Report the complete name of each publly ‘raced assot hele by you, your spouse, or your ‘sependent chil, (See p.2 CONTENTS OF nr an S047 Chchd ne any ede nck ra am Th Type otincome. “Amount of acome [REPORTS Parts of sructons) or Production of income or ivestmant which (1) had a value exceeding $1,000 at the ‘oes ofthe reporting perio andor (2) generated over $200 n "uneamed Income dung the reporting prod Ineudo onthe PART Ila s complete Identfeaton of each public bond, mutual fun, publcy vade partnership interest, excepted Investment unds, bank accoun, excepted and qualified bin’ ust, and publ raged seals fa retirement pan, Tow ew ban S.a01 15000, ‘i600 ss0000 pe S200 510000 -8280000 00000181. 500000, ‘5.00200 31000001 35000000 000 00-26 00,000 $35;000004- 4600006 Oar 000000 Escplad neoen Fund rcp Ta Fed na Tost oni i zee Tora eres an S25) = sr snan0| $5.00 5001-5000 515007 - $0000 {3 S001 $2500 12007 $100 000 ‘Owes. 660°" $50.00 100000 eo |__ avon oa 3 [repre Fens First Natonal Bank of Omaha (accounts) (2) |x 7) Money Maret Fond To Waterouse o Tehman iShares Tat flreasury index und) is Lancaster Cay NE School Danial 0 (Bond dao 120111 oy McCay What-Can Sook Fund (rmtual find) MAN “) ‘Money Market Fund 8 1D Wetarnouee Ballavuo NE GIO RFOG | MeCarhy Nuti-Cap Stock Fund {mutual ind) GAN © (Bond due 065142) s) ‘Nebraska Cy NE (eond due 0301/07) ° ‘Nebraska Inv Fin AhOAy Single family Hsg (bond due 08101108) (5 L STN TE ri tt mag ne otra par enn Pee Sey mtb tapes os Wes na arb haar py Mae chs tages ea PH,