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Germanium, A Viable Treatment of AIDS

Germanium, A Viable Treatment of AIDS

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Published by Lizette Balsdon

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Published by: Lizette Balsdon on Mar 09, 2012
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Germanium: Viable for treatment of AIDS?
The history of germanium dates back to 1871, when Meneleff created the periodic table, listing all the earth’s elements. At this time, germanium was known as ekasilicon. A number of years later, Clemens Winkler, isolated this trace mineral and named it germanium to honor his country. By 1948, germanium was used in the same way as silicon is in computer chips.

Germanium is a natural occurring mineral and it compliments selenium and silicon
Germanium has become known as a very important mineral that promotes good health in human beings. It is interesting to note that half a century ago, scientists did not realize just how important minerals are for human beings. Another interesting point is that some twenty years ago; selenium was thought to be toxic. Today we know that it is essential for organisms in the body. Furthermore, selenium is beneficial for animals such as horses who are known to be deficient in this mineral. Scientists have concluded that chromium; manganese and zinc are involved in the metabolic process of the body. It is highly likely that germanium will soon be seen in the same light as these minerals. Because germanium can donate and attract electrons, it is believed that this mineral will be able to address any imbalances in the body.

Germanium is found in abundance in many plants
It is believed that this mineral sparks the transportation of oxygen in the body to cells, and it strengthens the immune system. Scientists have conducted research which has shown that germanium helps to lower cholesterol and high blood-pressure. This mineral is so powerful that it even helps with pain relief in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. It takes years before this type of data becomes common knowledge and that is why many people have not heard of germanium. For the past thirty years, researchers have been conducting tests on germanium in its organic form. It may surprise many people to know that germanium is one of six ingredients viable as strong enough to fight AIDS. This decision was made way back in 1987 at the international AIDS Treatment Conference in Tokyo, Japan.


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