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As we were making a Hip Hop and RNB video we assumed our targert audience where likely to be of a Afro-Carribbean background

aged from 14-24 years. Because our song is led by a RNB female arists we doubted that many boys would listen to it. However later on we realised the use of a male rapper would break the exclusion of men from the song and would help them identify and listen to the song .

Although we feel our song will strongly attract people of an Afro-Carribbean ethic background we do not in anyway doubt it will attract other ethic audiences. For example in the Danish Singles Chart the song charted at number seven and Denmark is a predominantly Caucasian country

We also expect to attract people of an Asian background down to the strong Asian theme thats within the video , also the background beat reinforces the Asian elements in the song. To our surprise the song didnt chart high in many countries in Asia. So we now believe that people of an asian background may not be at the top of our targert market anymore