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Auditions: For Lead Role and Back-up dancers Name: Aj Age: 17 Aj was our only auditionee who requested

a second audition as she felt she could do better then she presented in her first one. In he first audition her performance talent was already made apparent, unfortunately a lack of seriousness was sensed. However, after her second audition it was vey clear that Aj possessed talent and enthusiasm. Although auditionees were not told second auditions were allowed the fact Aj asked on her own initiative suggests major passion and dedication. We are proud to say Aj has been selected to perform as a dancer in our music video. Name: Nana Age: 18 Nana was another auditionee whom we were very impressed with and felt she had talent and enthusiasm. However, due to other commitments and a busy schedule with her own project she was unable to fit in our days of shooting. To avoid delay we could not postpone or even adjust our shooting schedule, therefore had to let Nana go. Name: Aziza Age: 17 Although, Aziza is blessed with poise and a very commercial look her incapability to adapt to anything other then the typical western way of dancing proved a challenge. Taking Aziza on as a dancer would mean having to not only teach her choreography but also introduce her to a whole new style of dance that she is not familiarized with. Name: Aishah Age: 18 Being a group member and so many problems occurring with our auditionees, I found myself auditioning for a dancer in the music video. Also I was taught Bollywood dance from a young age professionally and have no problem performing in front of a camera. Taking all the above in consideration and knowing I would in no way let my group down we made the decision to feature myself as a backup dancer in the music video. Name: Tamara Age: 18 After such a successful day of auditions it was a shame our final

auditionee refused to perform due to overwhelming pressure and nerves. Tamara had a panic attack backstage, which was a reality check for the whole crew involved; unfortunately she will not be a part of our media project.