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The Walt Disney Company

The Entertainment King

James Ambrose Courtney Hamm Brandy ONeal Joseph Rendon

Disney Timeline
1923-Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio 1927-Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 1928-loses contract for Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 1928-Steamboat Willie Premiers

Steamboat Willie

Disney Timeline

1937-Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 1940-IPO 1950-First Live-Action film & television debut 1955-Disneyland 1966-Death of Walt Disney 1971-Walt Disney World Opens

Disney Timeline

1982-EPCOT Center opens 1983-Tokyo Disneyland opens 1984-Michael Eisner and Frank Wells

Disneys Success

Creation of new characters Looking to the future Walt Disneys Vision

Disney Timeline

1987-First Disney Store 1988-Who Framed Roger Rabbit 1989-Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park 1992-Euro Disney

Disney Timeline

1992-Best Picture Nomination 1994-Frank Wells dies 1995-purchase of ABC TV 1998-Animal Kingdom 1998-First Cruise Ship


Revitalization of TV and Movies Coordination among businesses Expanding into new businesses, regions, and audiences Maximizing Theme Park Profitability
Tokyo Disneyland

Revitalization of TV and Movies

Network Television Programming Increased movie production Animation Department

Coordination Among Businesses

Promotional Campaigns Internal Transfer Prices Conflict Resolution Corporate Marketing Function

Expanding into new businesses, regions, and audiences

Retail-as-entertainment Euro Disney Full Length Animated Features

Maximizing Theme Park Profitability

Walt Disney World Tokyo Disneyland Euro Disney Disney America

Michael Eisners Effect

Revitalizing TV and Movies Theme Parks New Businesses

Disneys Diversification

Vertical Geographic Product Effects of Diversification

45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0

1/2/1962 1/2/1966 1/2/1970 1/2/1974 1/2/1978 1/2/1982 1/2/1986 1/2/1990 1/2/1994 1/2/1998 1/2/2002 1/2/2006
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Disneys Stock Price History

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